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Akanoya Robatayaki

Akanoya Robatayaki offers a fresh selection of seaoof, meat and vegetables that will be charcoal grilled by the chefs upon order.

Daily: 18:30 - 01:30

+65 67321866
$180 based on 31 submissions
Dinner (13 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (12 votes), After Work (7 votes)

Best Robotayaki Restaurant

For a full run-down of my dining experience (yes, the post is really long and detailed), please visit:

Enjoy :)

The HGW community like this place for...

  • beef3 votes
  • Hotate scallops2 votes
  • Shitake mushrooms2 votes
  • Snow / King Crab2 votes
  • The king crab legs were close to perfection.2 votes
  • Wagyu Beef2 votes
  • sweet potato2 votes
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Based on 31 votes
14 Oct 2013 • 126 reviews • 1 follower

Best Robotayaki Restaurant

For a full run-down of my dining experience (yes, the post is really long and detailed), please visit:

Enjoy :)
Food menu as display....
10 Jun 2013 • 31 reviews • 0 follower

best robatayaki in town

This is perhaps the best found if I am going for robatayaki meal. Ambience is perfect - just like the 'noise' or repeat order said aloud. The setting reminds me of my 3 yrs' stay in Japan - authentic food n decor. The beef is perfect n many others. Like the garlic rice with no taste of bitterness. Will be back soon though its kinda pricey.
26 Nov 2012 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Best Robatayaki in Singpapore

This is the absolute best in Singapore! The staff are all Japanese and the whole setting itself worth a visit. You sit around the table and see the chef do everything in front of you. It's a very noisy place though cause everytime someone ordered they'll shout the entire menu in Japanese. If you like a quiet dinner, this is definitley not the place. My friend and I go occassionally just cause this is really the best robatayaki in Singapore and nothing beat the atmosphere for me. I wish it was cheaper so I can go more often. Not to mention, you can get the chef really drunk too! Always book in advance. This place is almost always full!
29 Sep 2012 • 8 reviews • 4 followers

Terrible terrible service

Akanoya is one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore and I have been there on several occasions with friends and family, until today, when I was told in no uncertain terms by Nakamura (who appeared to be the manager on duty), never to come back to the restaurant.

After our table had been cleared, our party of 4 sat chatting for at least 10 minutes before asking for the bill. Upon checking the bill, we discovered that they had charged us $48 for melons which had not been served. At this point, we indicated to the waiter that we were proceeding elsewhere for dessert, that they did not have to serve the melons, and asked for the item to be taken off the bill.

The waiter told us that this was not possible as this was part of a set and we were expected to pay for it. We disputed this because we ordered everything ala carte and no one had informed us of this “set” requirement. Further, the melons still had yet to be served.

The manager then came over and “explained” that this was a “Japanese restaurant” in a condescending manner – as if we had no idea what the customary practice in a “Japanese restaurant” was (We know what otoshis are – but this was on top of the otoshi charge). We told him simply that we had not eaten it and we did not want it, no one told us it was part of a set and it had been literally forced into our bill.

At which point, he said to me that he recognized me and that I should have known that this was their practice. I was a party of 4, 3 of whom had never been. Surely the restaurant could have informed each dinner party of such a “practice” instead of assuming that they can charge for whatever they intend to serve to the dinner table. On previous occasions, they had served the melon rather quickly and we had eaten it immediately prior to the bill – and as such, there had never been such a dispute and it was never clear to me that refusing the melon was not an option.

We reaffirmed that we were willing to pay for the rest of the meal, bar the melons, and told him that he could call the police if he felt that we were wrong in any way. He replied matter of factly that calling the police was not necessary. He said he would remove the $48 melons charge from the bill on the condition that we never come back to the restaurant – this came as a huge shock to the group given how minor this issue had been, and he could have simply acquiesced to what was not an unreasonable request.

Yes, Akanoya is probably one of the better rokatayaki restaurants in Singapore - but given their absolute disregard and disdain for their customers, and how they try to shove S$12 slices of melon down their customers' throats (I have no issues paying $80 for an order of taraba), I would recommend that folks take their business elsewhere for a more pleasant dining experience. Mr. Nakamura clearly has no business working in the service industry.

the selection that sits right in front of you
16 Mar 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

The Best Robatayaki in Singapore!

My buddy & i stumbled upon this place after we found out the okinawan restaurant in Tanglin S.C. has closed down.

Once we set foot in, it made us feel as though we were back in Tokyo again. Authentic Japanese chefs and wait staff. There is absolutely no menu and you choose what you like in a central serving area and the chef will grill your selection right in front of you. And to PERFECTION, if i may add.

The beef is to die for. Seriously melts in your mouth. ($20 for a stick but man, its so worth it). The mushroom mix (enoki, straw, shitake) is awesome. Dont miss out the eggplant if you are a eggplant fan. The chicken wings took a while to prepare but they are the juiciest grilled wings. The lamb chops was so tender it was literally falling off the rack.

Not too smokey and the grilling skills are just the best! none of your food actually feels or taste charred.

House Sake was beautiful too.

We've eaten alot of yakitori everywhere and we concluded, THIS IS THE BEST. Prices are on the steeper end, but well worth it.

Highly recommended. Open till 130am so if you need a late night fix of super tasty yakitori, drop by.