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16 Bussorah Street, 199437
Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Western
+65 62940304

Daily: 11:00 - 23:00

$23 based on 62 submissions
Dinner (30 votes), Quiet (17 votes), After Work (16 votes) ...

Alaturka is a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant located at Bussorah Street.

What others are eating here

Meze Tabagi with the lavash bread by the side
Meze Tabagi with the lavash bread by the side
Karisik kebab
Karisik kebab
  • moussaka 6 votes
  • Meze Tabagi 4 votes
  • Tavuk Sis (Chicken Skewer) 4 votes
  • Bread 2 votes
  • Hummus 2 votes
  • Karisik kebab 2 votes
  • cucumber an yoghurt salad 2 votes
  • lavash bread 2 votes
  • Any of the grills 1 vote
  • Baklava 1 vote
  • Beyti kebab 1 vote
  • Borek 1 vote
  • Cheese Bread 1 vote
  • Imam Bayildi 1 vote
  • Kofte 1 vote
  • Kunefe 1 vote
  • Tas Kebab 1 vote
  • Tavuk Sis 1 vote
  • feta cheese 1 vote
  • iskender kebab 1 vote
  • kebabs 1 vote
  • lamb kebabs 1 vote
  • lemonade 1 vote
  • meze 1 vote
  • pizzas 1 vote
  • salads 1 vote

Latest Review for Alaturka

Overall RatingBased on 47 reviews
Most helpful review:

yummy kebab

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 430

serving turkish fare, i was impressed by the shisha bar in this eatery. with a service staff that is both warm and polite, i was recommended to try the kebabs combination to share with my friends. served on a pretty copper plate, we tuck into tender chunks of grilled chilli, pilaf and buttery vegetables. great for a light meal.

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Some awesome dishes, average service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2

Located right at the heart of Kampong Glam, this Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant which has been around for almost 8 years is perhaps one of the best hidden gems in Bugis area. Because it's a hidden find, it makes this restaurant a pleasurable, comfortable and cosy place to dine in without much crowd. More importantly, the simple and fresh food prepared here and the quaint, homely yet mystical Turkish decor is really appealing and intriguing for someone like myself, who have never been to Turkey before.

You can dine indoors or simply go alfresco by sitting right outside the restaurant if you would like to enjoy some fresh air.

I recommend starting off with Appetizers (Mezzes):
- Hummus + Garlic Bread
Mashed Middle Eastern chickpeas blended with olive oil, Tahini, cummin, lemon juice and salt

- Karisik Kebab
An indulgent selection of lamp chop, minced lamb and beef meatballs, chicken kebab with rice and mixed vegetable served on a traditional Turkish plate. This is a king-sized dish fit for two to three people. Another Alaturka specialty dish to satisfy the one who hunger for meat. I'm not a meat-type of person but I really like the chicken kebab as it tasted really tender and delicious.

- Kunefe
This decadent Turkish dessert is what beckoning me to come back to Alaturka. This fine vermicelli-like pastry baked with cheese and sugar syrup has swept me off my feet. It didn't look appealing at first as I thought I was going to taste blend vermicelli with double cream. But Kunefe took me by surprise with its crunchy, buttery and caramelized taste, not forgetting the melted cheese that is embedded within it. It's like eating a slice of western butter cake except that it's crunchy and super fragrant when coated with a layer of cream. Say toast to whoever invented this dessert!

Due to their lack of manpower, service is a bit lacking. Who wants to work as a waiter nowadays?

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Ok food, diappointing service

Total Reviews: 2

We went on a wednesday evening for dinner. We ordered blue and we got green, had to order again and again for the correct food to be tabled. Disappointed by the quality of service, food was ok.

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