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(Closed) Albert Street Hokkien Big Prawn Mee


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Things taste good when its spicy!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
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If you visit Lavender Food Square, the Albert Street Prawn Noodles is another stall with long queues. Besides the original prawn noodles, their selection of prawn noodles is quite amazing. From Pig Tail, Pig Intestines to Scallop, these prices start from $5.  

Our noodles ($4) lavished with the fried shallots, taugeh (beansprouts) and some pork lard failed to impress. Probably because they were not the spicy version. However, it was saved by the robust and slurpy prawn broth with a layer of reddish shine. According to Makansutra yahoo, the stock is boiled with not only prawn heads but also old hen chicken.

Somehow, I felt that we've not had the real stuff from this stall. So for the next visit, we would definitely go for the $5 claypot sized version which boasts larger-sized prawns and warmer soup!

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good good good

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

this prawn mee is really good!!! the taste is there and the soup is really tasty. i usually order the soup one and the worker will put some chilli powder. the chilli powder is really shiok and it brings out the flavour in the prawn mee! the prawns are very fresh as well. you dont have to peel the shell by yourself so plus points for this stall!

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Prawn noodle that worth trying

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience N/A | Service 3
Total Reviews: 249

My favourite prawn mee so far had been the Beach Road Prawn Mee along East Coast Road, so I was really keen to see if this could tingle my taste buds. Woah, so many big prawns. There was also a black and white picture of a man selling noodles on a push cart in 1963 hanging in front of the stall. I found out that the man in the picture is the father of the lady selling noodles at the store. Hmmm... second generation prawn mee! So I asked the boss of the stall whether they had any special secret ingredients in the soup. Some prawn mee stalls nowadays would add ingredients like dried scallops, crabs and other goodies but not this one. They stuck to a traditional recipe and used only prawns. (Or else they would have to call it scallop, crab, prawn mee right?)

The verdict: The soup was quite shiok and much better than your "no name, run of the mill, HDB coffeeshop" prawn mee. The prawns were really fresh and the portion of pork ribs quite generous. The bowl I had that day came with two medium-sized prawns split into half. If you want the "mother of all prawns”, you would have to pull out a green note ($5). Quite a satisfying prawn noodle soup, I must say. Not the king of the king prawn noodle, but certainly worth trying.

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Could be better

Food/Drink N/A | Value 2 | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
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I was looking forward to the famous beef noodles but realised it's open only at night so well, I went for the prawn noodles since I haven't had that as I was living in South Korea.

True to their name, you are given 2 big prawns in halves. I asked for bee hoon but strangely it's something they do not have except the thicker bee hoon so I went for that and the verdict was:

Soup was utterly oily with pieces of lards in it. Sorry dudes, I am never a fan of anything lards swimming in my food. The thick bee hoon is unlike those you get in fish head soup or beef noodles. It's slimmer and harder, even after soaking in the soup for a long time, it just tasted as if it hasn't been cooked at all. The noodles part was already a minus point plus the lard.

For those who goes directly for fat oily yellow noodles and a super lover or lards, please go try it out, otherwise steer clear.

Lastly for the soup part, it wasn't that tasty, perhaps it would be at the end of the day rather than at 11.30am

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