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Li Tian
 • 18 May 2013 217 reviews 8 followers
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If you visit Lavender Food Square, the Albert Street Prawn Noodles is another stall with long queues. Besides the original prawn noodles, their selection of prawn noodles is quite amazing. From Pig Tail, Pig Intestines to Scallop, these prices start from $5.  

Our noodles ($4) lavished with the fried shallots, taugeh (beansprouts) and some pork lard failed to impress. Probably because they were not the spicy version. However, it was saved by the robust and slurpy prawn broth with a layer of reddish shine. According to Makansutra yahoo, the stock is boiled with not only prawn heads but also old hen chicken.

Somehow, I felt that we've not had the real stuff from this stall. So for the next visit, we would definitely go for the $5 claypot sized version which boasts larger-sized prawns and warmer soup!

I spent $4 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Breakfast, Dinner
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  • non-spicy prawn noodle
  • non-spicy prawn noodle

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