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Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2

Visited the resturant during my anniversary

IMO, they serve one of the best (wangyu) steaks in Singapore. The seasoning is done perfect! Tiramisu tastes perfect!

I would definately return for a feast once vitamin. M is healthy!

(Price consider on steep side)

Serivce and furniture needs a little furbishing tho =)

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Most helpful reviews for Angus House (Ngee Ann City)

Our dinner place whenever we go Taka!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 55

Bill was about $144 in total. Service was quite okay in my opinion – I tend to be a lot more forgiving than hubby. When the waiter gave him the dessert choices in 1 straight sentence without any space in between, hubby immediately shot back “wow your dessert name is very long.” Lol.

Water was refilled very promptly and our courses came very quickly too. I’ve got nothing to complain about really!

For the whole review plus pics, please see - cheers!

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

First of all, to all those who compare to to Morton's please always remember the price point difference and of course Angus is afterall a Japanese influenced  steakhouse so i will forgive if they start adding some asiam influences to their food.

Went there for anniversary. Initial choices were

1. JaanParAndre - Decided not to as bf is not a particular excited about french food and he'd rather go for something more satisfying vs art-is-fying...

2. Long Bar Steakhouse - Satisfying? Sure. but i wasn't prepared to wait 30mins between each course (from experience). Which i didn't feel it was worth the wait.

So Angus Steakhouse. Convenient location. Satisfying portions, and comfortable ambience. Price VS Quality = Good

Hors D'Oeuvres (Appetizer) - Monkfish with salsa and creamy sauce on a bed of mysterious crunchy veggie (i suspect its chopped cabbage but couldn't quite figure what the green specks were). Tasty and the sauce was good. 4/5

Soup - Cream of Carrot : Satisfying but not overwhelming. Natural sweetness of the carrots were a good touch. But nothing fantastic. 3.5/5

Salad - Usual greens with Japanese shoyu style dressing  - Nothing special. Lousy presentation though. Looks very canned and very food-courtish.

Side Order - Fresh oysters baked with garlic butter and cheese. Its a must-have everytime i am here. For $20, its really quite good. This time round however i felt that it was overcooked. No creamy oysters. They were cooked to FIRM. Not the way i like, but the taste is still good. Good size oysters though.

Mains - Bf - Ribeye. Me - Tenderloin. What i like is the sauce which really complements the steak (cooked perfectly according to our request). It has radish and flavours is pleasantly sweet with a very slight acidity. Meat was tender and juicy. 200gm with the set is probably just right. No tough meat and not much fats. :o) Felt that Wagyu was overpriced (but i'm biased, cause i'm an insider) 4.5/5

Tiramisu - Desserts rarely make it to good in my standards cause of my work. And this was no exception. Bland, not enough coffee/liquor flavour. Centre was too dry, the zabaglione was too heavy. Overall,  palatable for novice but no-no for connoisseurs. 2/5

CONCLUSION: Go for the oysters , enjoy the steak and don't think too much about the dessert.

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one of the better places to have a steak in s'pore

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 10

to put things simply, good steak, good food, good service and nice place to eat. it is basically a japanese western food joint.

i was rather stunned when i first walked into this place for food. came here coz tonkichi next door was full... and thought why not give this place a try since it had been in business for so long, it cant be that bad. my eyes popped out when i saw the price! normal steaks start at $30+; $40+ incl soup, salad, dessert and coffe/tea.


its decor is black and white to give a colonial feel, but the furniture is modern. the staff, entire women on the floor, wear uniform, some in french maid costumes. and there's a piano with a ghost pianist (it automated....), that plays you a birthday tune if its your day. you do wonder if its manga or if its a kinky little place to "get the mood going"....

window seats get a glimpse of orchard road, the view is not really fantastic. but this place is cozy enough for dates. it is also happily and quietly tucked away despite it being right next to takashimaya.


i've eaten nothing but steaks here in my many visits since. steaks are served with a sauce thats delicious, garlic butter and a few tiny pieces of vegetables. the sauce is really something and makes their tender steaks tastes that much better.

yesterday, i did the krazy, had the $140 KAGOSHIMA STEAK (200g only). it was succulent, juicy, sometimes making you wonder if the fatty bits would go directly towards the arteries surrounding the heart. as the meat goes into the tummy, i have this urge to touch my heart, partly wondering if it'd be clogged; but also partly out of joy... like all the miss universe's when they win, one hand to the mouth, the other? touching her heart.

normally, i'd just order their tenderloin. it's usually good enough. after the kagoshima experience, i weighed and touched on the wisdom of my hk friend. is the kagoshima 4 times as good as the normal tenderloin?? hmmm... think we can just stick to a normal steak, the wagyu and the kagoshima maybe safe for a day when you feel like losing the same weight in paper money to the weight in steak.... and it might help the arteries flow for a few more months longer too!

the mrs always likes to order the beef pot pie. which is a beef stew served in a bowl with some pastry on top. imagine a nice french onion with beef stew instead of onions. she likes it, leaves half the beef that she thinks is too "gelatinous" to our ziggy (the dog..) and says she enjoys her dinner TREMENDOUSLY. thats another for dr gray of mars vs venus to decipher for me....

the soup, salad and dessert that come with the set meal is usually worth the money paid for. good sized portion of good quality. i saw some other guest having the consonme and i must admit i was very tempted to change my soup of the day to that. the wife then told me, after dinner when i mentioned it, that she tried that before (i forget she ever did...) and it was great. next time then!

oh... they serve you a bun before the meal, which is quite good too.


its good food, a bit on the expensive side, just about value for money i guess. if you go for the 3-4 times more expensive higher quality beef, i guess it's your own value on premium food. soem would say its worth it, but i feel that the normal steak is good enough for my simple taste buds. and then save a few bucks to see if i can hire a french maid... costume...


good service. excellent. o=this place is well staffed and they are attentive. your iced water will be constantly filled, your plates cleared politely when you finish. when i stepped out of the restaurant to get the mobile phone i left in my car, the captain even asked if i was looking for the toilet as they have one "in-house".

speaking of toilet, its probably worthwhile to mention they have a nice and clean toilet! and they do have rooms at the back, for private functions.

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Virgin Experience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

Long story cut short makes a good review? Read on.


- Went with my girlfriend today.

- Reached at around 6pm, place was empty.

- Spacious layout with simple and old furniture. Light was a little dim so it's a little romantic too with fire-lit candle on each table.

- Was directed to a table of 4. Out of 4 chairs, 2 chairs were rocky. My girlfriend sat on the first chair, it was rocky. I changed with another one, it was still rocky. In the end, both of us sat on the non-rocky chairs. What if we had 4 people on a crowded day?


- Ordered Ribeye Steak (Medium) and Salmon & Scallop in Miso Sauce Spaghetti. Both are 6 course meals.

- Ribeye was fabulous. Both my girlfriend and i love it, minimal fats. Served in a hot plate with bean sauce (dunno what sauce but it's "dou jiang" in chinese. Steak tasted great on its own actually.

- Salmon & Scallop tasted okay, you'll like it if you are a fan of miso. I find the portion a little small.

SIDE COURSE DISHES (in order of our 6 course meal)

- Scallop served in butter sauce. Had a 'QQ' prawn with it too. Love Kinda cold imo.

- A small crispy bun bread with butter. The butter you have to cut the bread and apply yourself. Love the crunchiness.

- Soup was great. Sorry, did not get what is the ingredient of the soup. But both my GF and i love it.

- Salad was next. Basic salad dish, tomatoes, corn, vege, topped with light soy sauce. Abit too much therefore on the salty side.

- MAIN DISH as above.

- Dessert was tiramisu with a small slice of mango, honeydew, watermelon, a strawberry. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet and Sweet! Great ending imo.

- Had a cup of tea too.


- Prompt re-filling of ice water.

- Transition between courses is acceptable.

- Staff was attentive.

- Never failed to say goodbye and thank you.


- Pleasant experience except for the lousy furniture. Food is above average.

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