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Annalakshmi Janatha

AsianIndianSouth IndianVegetarian
Opened in 1996, Annalakshimi is a vegetarian restaurant that operates on an underlying philosophy to serve, love and give. Prices are not stated on its menu. Instead, patrons are encouraged to give any amount they feel is right for their meal at the restaurant.

Mon: 18:00 - 22:00

Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00

+65 62230809
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Vegetarians (3 votes)

Lunch @Annalakshmi Janatha

Lunch Vegetarian Buffet, various of options.

Might need to make reservation first for seat

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  • lassi and mint rice1 vote
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26 Nov 2011 • 68 reviews • 0 follower

Lunch @Annalakshmi Janatha

Lunch Vegetarian Buffet, various of options.

Might need to make reservation first for seat
07 Jun 2011 • 1 review • 19 followers

good vegetarian Indian food

My friend brought me here for a dinner. Even though there were not so many choices of food, but I enjoy the "homey-atmosphere" and the simple vegetarian food they are providing.
07 Jun 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Lousy service! Not happy with the woman staff attitude.

Purposely bring my family for lunch at Annalakshmi restaurant in Amoy St. The woman staff won't allow me to remove a chair in order to place baby chair. She ask my baby to sit between the edge of the table. I reject it because this is not a good manner, I'm not comfortable with that. She was not happy and showed her black face to me. The baby chair's was kicked by people many times and my baby feel uncomfortable and reject to take lunch anymore.

So 2 chair and 1 baby chair are placed in one row, it was very uncomfortable (the table is rectangular, the longer side only suitable to fit 2 chair).

I never meet this kind of woman before who do not know how to respect people. Hope the management of the restaurant will take some action.


09 Oct 2009 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

Unfriendly staff & not worth going to this place

Though it's so called "pay as u please" but if u pay too little the staff will tend to ask u why??

The "buffet" spread so little, staff showing u black face. Feeling stress to eat there & they clear away the plates the minute u put down your cutlery.Perhaps they afraid u going for 2nd round.

I would prefer to dine at a restaurant to state price of each dish,don't have to be too stress how much to pay after the meal. It doesn't seems to be a charity organisation so be prepare to pay abit more if u want to dine there else very embrassassing when they demanded for more money!
10 Feb 2007 • 10 reviews • 4 followers

Pay as you please

This vegetarian restaurant is run by volunteers from the Temple of Fine Arts and is quite unique in that you pay whatever you wish for the buffet meal. I don't know that much about South Indian food, but I found it tasty enough. without prices or names (!) to the dishes, I'm hard to pressed to recommend any particular dish, so I suggest you just "hantam" whatever strikes your fancy =) Do watch the drinks, though. I found a few insects in mine...

Used to be at Excelsior Hotel before it closed and moved to Amoy.

Tends to get crowded during lunch time, so it'd be wise to get there before 1230.