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#01-11/12, TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Road, 238164
American, Western
+65 67359671

Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 22:00

Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 23:00

Sun: 11:00 - 22:00

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Located at TripleOne Somerset on Somerset Road, Applebee's specialises in American cuisine.

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chicken quesadilla
chicken quesadilla

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Vegetarians not too many options but good for kids

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 5

I was pleasantly surprised (after our recent experiences) that my son actually got his favorite pasta dish.  The staff showed flexibility in providing the alfredo sauce that he wanted.  The staff was also good at keeping my drink glass filled (free refills).

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Awful Service

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 6

Patronise this place on Sunday evening at 8.10pm on 29th Sept 2013. Waited 10mins at the front entrance and no one greeted or walked us to a table. Decided to find a table on our own as there were at least 7-8 tables empty. Waited 10mins, no waiter walked by or brought us a menu. So self-service and went to get our own menu. Decided on what we wanted and walked to the service staff to order. Food came relatively fast. There was a catch. We had to fetch our own utensil (forks and knives). Seems the food were microwave hot

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lousy food and poor service

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Food tasted and looked like it came from the microwave. A medium steak was more charred then a well done steak. Poor and slow service (probably because they were severly understaffed). And waitress was eating while serving the customer. Overall, poor foor accompanied by poor service just worserened the experience. 

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Disappointed in the service, food was not up to standard.

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 2
Total Review: 1

This is my first visit to AppleBees.

Arrived for the Happy Hour that started at 10pm on Friday. Even queuing up to get seats was met with an unfriendly staff, and waited 35 minutes before we get our seats.

Long waiting time for cups of water

After we sat down and made our orders, we requested for 6 cups of water (5 cold and 1 warm). The cups of water only arrived 5 minutes after our alcoholic drinks and that was when we made a 2nd request.
Not only that, had to made a 3rd request for the missing warm water.

Unfriendly male waiter

When the food arrived which is another 20 minutes after the drinks, a particular male waiter first served us the Spinach & Artichoke dip (part of the Appetiser Sampler). However, no warning was given that the plate was extremely hot.
My friend decided to move the plate to give more space to lay down the rest of the food but her fingers were burnt by the hot plate. She asked why no caution was given but the waiter replied he did. He laid the other dishes on the table and walked off, no apologies or concerns were given.
I was right next to the waiter and never heard any warning given prior.

Missing cutleries

After the food was served, we requested for cutlery and plates as it was not given before the food arrived. Not only, that we have to personally make another request at the counter for a missing set of cutlery and plate which did not arrive.

Food was not warm

Although food was not presented like it is in the menu, the food was not as warm as we expected, except for the hot plate earlier. The boneless buffalo wings had a cold center.
I noticed another table behind me which had arrived earlier than us, only to have their sizzling dessert to arrive after they had waited for a supposed much longer time. Moreover, the sauce that was poured on did not sizzle. I assume the hotplate was not hot enough.

A very slow service, even for the bill.

Calling for the bill is slow as well, and it happens to the tables around us.
A table on my left, a couple had to go to counter to make payment, about 7 minutes after asking for the bill.
Another table in front of me, a guy in the group had to stand up and raise his voice a little to call for the bill. He continued standing for another 5+ minutes until the payment was made.
My group also had to go to counter to ask for the bill and to made payment.

Overall, service provided was very slow, do expect long waiting time and a few crew portrayed an unfriendly attitude. Food was not warm even after waiting for some time.

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