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International Buffet

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 80

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We were greeted by the smell of seafoods when we stepped into the restaurant. There is a seafood section right in the heart of the restaurant that drawn my attention. Various selections of seafoods are displayed beautifully on the section with labels on the side. Fresh oysters, snowcrabs and fresh prawns are the ones that you wouldn’t want to miss out.
Western cuisines and Chinese cooked sections are available at the right corner of the restaurant. Choices for Chinese cooked foods are limited. As for western cuisines, foods such as roasted chicken, pizza and spaghetti are available for serving as well.
here is also hands-on section where diners can customize their version of Singapore Laksa and kueh pie tee. Ingredients are readily available on the display.
Appertizer section that provides the salad selections and various cheeses are available too.
Japanese cuisine section is not a miss when comes to buffet. Fresh sashimi is a must to have for myself. There are three different types of sashimi served that day- Salmon, Tuna and sea bream. The chef will prepare the portion of the choice of sashimi on the spot upon request. I requested for 2 persons and he is quite generous with the portion and end up I didn’t went for the second serving. Tempuras, assorted sushi and chawanmushi are available at the section too.
Desserts section was an eye candy for me.The colourful spread of choices which tempt you to try almost all of it. The cakes are in a small portion so that we, diners can try a bit of everything. I think it is a good way to reduce wastage as well. Durian pengat is available too.I am loving it! Freshly cut fruits are available. There is also ice-kacang maker machine available for us to customize. Topping choices for ice-creams and ice-kacang are nicely spread across the section. Nyonya kuehs are found at the other side of the section next to the desserts.

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Dun anyhow wash hands here ok?

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 23

One of my favourite movie is jarhead. Wah jake gyllenhaal is one damn tak kong marine in the show man…muscles damn big…si beh macho. Then I get call from friend who want to jio me to eat around suntec city. He say want to bring me to “agua marine”. I scold him for making fun of marines. I thot he trying to make fun of me cos he know from young I wan to join America marine corps cos damn macho. Bo pian, Singapore got no marines only got frogman in navy. Imagine u intro urself to people “hi, I am so and so and I am a frogman…” people sure say, ‘wah u are freak or alien?” sure laugh till tummy ache siah. Or frogmen assaulting main objective now. how they assault? Hop there iszit?…sound like b-grade sci-fi movie rite?

Anyway I reach the place and realize my friend cannot pronounce properly lah cos he got a tongue stud…I tell him it’s aquamarine lah not agua. the buffet spread is very big. From one end to another…maybe got length of badminton court like that. On left side got sushi/sashimi bar. What u want just order and chef will slice for u. usual salmon, tuna and swordfish belly. The chef wearing spectacles is very friendly and kind but the neber wear spec one quite unfriendly. My friend hover over the oyster bar like a fly. He pile up his plate damn high and come back to table. He say ‘hee hee I got crabs!’ so I look at his crotch and ask him whether got see doctor or not. He say ‘not that kind of crab lah this one can eat one lah!’ I say ‘how I know? u always cheong that type of place mah…’ the crab only got claws no body. I think it’s dungeness crab. wah exotic siah! but the taste very mild and texture is rough…give me sri lankan mudcrabs anytime man! The chill prawns very fresh and sweet. Also the oysters and scallops also very fresh nice.

Next we get cha soba. The sauce for the soba is from a drink dispenser one. My friend thought it’s coke…he took some then realize it soba dipping sauce. he damn koo koo siah. That table also got selection of sushi. We move to next table, it’s desserts like mua chi, nonya kueh and cookies. Later then come back. The next table is cheese board and mediterranean salads with roasted veggies and mushrooms. The cheese board I neber touch cos dun like but got around 6 or 7 types of cheese…mouse paradise siah. I take some octopus salad love it man! Very tender and tasty. Next move to roast chicken, pork and duck station. Order mix plate. Neber eat cos my friend wallop all. Then got herbal king prawn soup…all I can say is the soup is shiok! They also have grilled king prawns…quite nice too. I took some skate in red wine sauce…I dun like cos not tasty and the skate is still tough. Chefs, I suggest u make sambal bbq style ok…sure more ppl will like.

Then I move on to the Indian food section. Bryanni rice is tasty but too oily for me. The mutton curry is nice. If got naan and tandori chicken then perfect liao : ( Eat enuf main course so get desserts. Got cheese cake and muah chi…all not bad. Then I damn horrified at the ice cream station. They leave the ice cream scoop in a basin of water and there is a tap. Got one auntie after scooping her ice cream turn on the tap to wash her hand and the dirty water flowed into the same basin where the scoop is contained. Basket! expect people to use the scoop contaminated with her wash hand water! Please lah auntie u think this is wet market har? After buying fish u wash ur hands at the basin is it? the restaurant should look into this…put up a sign saying no washing of hands. Also order draught beer…I think tiger… and also have coffee. Eat full, pay up then leave.

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great bday experience at aquamarine

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

Had my bday blast at aquamarine on 29 mar. The buffet spread was superb . I have got very memorable n personalized bday experience . Thanks to jay. The assistant resturant manager .. thanks all. Ll definately go back again

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Total Reviews: 46

good spread of desserts. went to aquamarine to try their high tea. expensive but I guess it's for the food, standard and also be cos of the hotel. would go back.

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christmas dinner spread

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 142

full review:

We were here for our annual D&D is also because AquaMarina is halal certified for every food station, though not the restaurant itself as they serve alcohol. AquaMarine serves up a wide range of seafood, nicely plated in a circular seafood bar. Seafood lovers can indulge with endless servings of snow crabs, steamed live prawns, clams, fresh oysters lobster, black mussels from France and many more. Most of them are rather fresh especially its sashimi.There are nonya kuehs, mousses, kueh lapis, cakes as well as pastries like egg tarts. Don't forget to try AquaMarine's signature Durian Pengat.

Also something to note, the usual buffet only comes with water, coffee of tea. An additional top up is required for free flow of fruit juices.

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Worth the try

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

we parked the car at marina sq. had a hard time getting into marina mandarin hotel shortcut frm the shopping ctr. anw we got a large round table near to the buffet spread. find the seafood slightly salty..but they were fresh. loved the pengat durian n roasted beef. nice dessert and other mains. power failure where satay was served outdoors. it was one of the weekend in oct 2015. poor guy used his hp to light up the sambal fish while i scooped a serving. for muslims the prayer area is here. yes it is affected frm the blackout too. 2 separate tentages for men n women. come with prayer mats and telekung for ladies. unfortunately i dont think anyone is helping to maintain this area. i thot i saw ppl perform ablution at the side (semi outdoors). back to the retaurant, their svc is of course top notch. i like the ppl. surprised bday mom with a slice of cake. kids under 5 dines for free. as long as they have not passed their 5th bday, no qns asked. there were 8 adults + 3 kids + 3 toddlers + 1 baby. discount given for certain credit cards. i think saved a lot here.

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