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Back to AquaMarineLevel 4, Marina Mandarin Hotel, 6 Raffles Boulevard
 • 13 Jun 2014 70 reviews 1 follower
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We were greeted by the smell of seafoods when we stepped into the restaurant. There is a seafood section right in the heart of the restaurant that drawn my attention. Various selections of seafoods are displayed beautifully on the section with labels on the side. Fresh oysters, snowcrabs and fresh prawns are the ones that you wouldn’t want to miss out.
Western cuisines and Chinese cooked sections are available at the right corner of the restaurant. Choices for Chinese cooked foods are limited. As for western cuisines, foods such as roasted chicken, pizza and spaghetti are available for serving as well.
here is also hands-on section where diners can customize their version of Singapore Laksa and kueh pie tee. Ingredients are readily available on the display.
Appertizer section that provides the salad selections and various cheeses are available too.
Japanese cuisine section is not a miss when comes to buffet. Fresh sashimi is a must to have for myself. There are three different types of sashimi served that day- Salmon, Tuna and sea bream. The chef will prepare the portion of the choice of sashimi on the spot upon request. I requested for 2 persons and he is quite generous with the portion and end up I didn’t went for the second serving. Tempuras, assorted sushi and chawanmushi are available at the section too.
Desserts section was an eye candy for me.The colourful spread of choices which tempt you to try almost all of it. The cakes are in a small portion so that we, diners can try a bit of everything. I think it is a good way to reduce wastage as well. Durian pengat is available too.I am loving it! Freshly cut fruits are available. There is also ice-kacang maker machine available for us to customize. Topping choices for ice-creams and ice-kacang are nicely spread across the section. Nyonya kuehs are found at the other side of the section next to the desserts.

I spent $80 per person.

Must tries: Oysters, pastries, durian pengat, sashimi

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Birthdays, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering
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