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Nice Dinner on 23Dec2014

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 388

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had a nice, quiet dinner with son at arossa on 23.12.2014. 

was last here with wife on 3.9.2014.

we were given a corner table by the window overlooking scotts road with all the christmas decorations.

son wanted some oysters as starter. we decided to order a wagyu steak each & a lobster ravioli to share.


the oysters were excellent, very sweet, plump & tasty.

the lobster blackened spinach ravioli were tops too. :-) the restaurant split for us so we had 3 ravioli each. the lobster broth or emulsion was superb.

the A5 miyazaki wagyu was also top fine dining standard. so what’s missing?

first, it was now 150g instead of 180g. i guess that’s ok. wagyu was good, very tender, good tasting,  presentation was good also, definitely equalled or beat any fine dining restaurant serving good steaks.

but i could tell instantly that the presentation, sauce etc basically everything was different from the japanese presentation the last 2 times – see photos of the kagoshima wagyu on 3.9.2014 & the miyazaki wagyu on 16.8.2014.

& taste-wise somehow it did not have the standout marbled fragrance of a top japanese wagyu cut.

dinner for 2pax was S$143 after 50% palate discounts with amex.

sadly, arossa is closing by end jan2015 & we were told watanabe-san, the grill chef helming the restaurant is returning to japan to start her own restaurant. good for her & all the very best! :-)

i will probably return before end jan2015 to have a last go.

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Good Quality Food, Great for Steaks

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 13

I visited Arossa Wine & Grill for Restaurant Week 2013. Among the 4 restaurants I visited for Restaurant week, this was by far the best in terms of food quality, service and value.

We went there for dinner and had the buffalo mozzarella salad and the ribeye steak. The steak was a decent portion and done perfectly, medium-rare jut as I like it. It went well with the Malbec wine they recommended.

 We had a last minute addition of 1 person to our party. He ordered the Porcini Cream Risotto from the a-la-carte menu and it was delicious! The dessert was tiramisu which was very well done, I wish I had more!

 The service team were very attentive, and helpful. They also seemed knowledgeable of what wine to recommend for each dish.

 The only thing I wasn't crazy about is the open kitchen. While it is interesting to witness my food being prepared, I am not a fan of smelling like my dinner especially in a place where I would dress up. I'm not sure if the management can do something to improve the ventilation.


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All About The Grill

Food/Drink 4 | Value N/A | Ambience 4 | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 2157

Arossa Wine and Grill is an Italian influenced restaurant with a focus on grill.

Start with something light, like the Fresh Oyster ($8), Pate de campagne ($18) or Caprese ($20) to whet the appetite.

However, my choice of starter would have to be the Tuna & Avocado Tartar with Wasabi & Herb Aioli ($26). Fresh raw blue fin tuna with a light creamy touch. Paired great with the  Leeuwin Estate Riesling 2011 - which was zesty.

From the main course I went with the Seafood Platter (King Prawns, Hokkaido Scallops, Catch of the day - Barramundi Fish) - with Ravigote Sauce ($88). This is a hearty feast that can easily feed two. The one item that stood out were the prawns, which were really large and I liked how it was grilled such that the part of the head had that moist with the slight bitter after taste with a good level of firmness in the body of the prawn.

The seafood was served with Terrazas Reserva Chardonnay 2012, which has a strong creamy finish.

From the meat section I had the Spanish Iberian Pork Loin, 100% Corn Fed - with Balsamico Sauce  ($25), which had a good level of fattiness ot the dish. I also tried the Australian Ribeye, 100% Grain Fed - with Red Wine Sauce, which I found a little too well done for my liking.

Desserts were my favourite, and definitely a must try here.  Traditionalists would do well with the Chocolate Fondant ($16), which has a good level of rich chocolate oozing out.

Those with a sweeter tooth would do well with the Tiramisu ($14). Served in a cocktail glass, it was fluffy with lots of cream and mascarpone.

Served with Moscato d'Asti 2011 , I could have this combination all afternoon.

Overall, I left impressed. Well executed grills with more than a hundred labels of wine - definitely cannot go wrong here.

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Very good dinner

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 61

I enjoyed every single dish on our table that night and I highly recommend this place for date nights. 

The main highlight is the Grilled Blue Fin Tuna with Salsa Fresh Tomatoes! I am personally not a fan of tuna but this dish was so good it changed my mind! Arossa Grill takes pride in their fresh ingredients and grilling techniques, it can be tasted through this wonderfully grilled dish. 

The calamari is easily one of my favourite dish of the night. I have always loved deep-fried sotong but is often disappointed by joints dishing calamari that are too floury or bland. The calamari at Arossa is crispy and delectable, and also came with Spicy Aioli Sauce for dips. So outstanding that I would definitely recommend everyone to order this when you dine at Arossa. 

Pics on:

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Strangely Disappointing

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

We received a promotional mailer from JPassport on Arossa and being a fan of good Japanese pasta, we were really looking forward to try the food. We went on a Saturday afternoon.
 First - The Service
 We were at the entrance looking at the menu. The restaurant server at the door did not greet us and left us alone. When we expressed a wish to have a table, he did greet and welcome us in. We were promptly served water and bread. The service was attentive & professional where they will check on refilling and clearing plates promptly. However, it all felt rather 'cold'. They were definitely not rude but just a very noticeable lack of warmth and smiles. It was a bit uncomfortable as it contrasted greatly with the ambiance of the restaurant which was very cosy and warm.
 We asked about the JPassport promotion: "This exclusive 1 for 1 lunch set by Arossa is from 11:30am to 2:00pm.” But we were told it was valid only for weekdays but it’s not stated at all in the mailer. We actually saw a few people asked about the promo and left because it was not valid.

Second – The Food: We really wanted to try the food and had their set lunch. The appetizers: Salad with prawns was tasty, light and delicious. The minestrone soup was also delicious and filled with crunchy vegetables.

The mains: Spaghetti Peperoncino was light and tasty. The wagyu hamburg was well-seasoned and still moist and juicy inside. However, there was a piece of tendon in the humburg that was just too tough to chew and contrasted with the rest of the meat.

The dessert: Dessert was a trio of mango sorbet which was sweet and delicious, a panna cotta which was, in my opinion, the best of the whole meal. It was simply light and super delicious and not overly sweet with the right texture. However, it was marred by the third of the dessert trio – simply called ‘chocolate’ by the server who said it’s not a chocolate cake but more like a tart. Well, it did not look like a tart to us but more like a small piece of flourless chocolate cake. And it really was bland and had no taste whatsoever to it…

Overall – The Experience: Strangely disappointing was how I would describe it. I had some strict diet restrictions which I informed the server about. In a restaurant of this calibre, I would expect this to be communicated to the chef and be offered something as an alternative, which did not happen. (We were seated right in front of the head chef.) The food was some hits and some misses but generally good – though, nothing exceptional to us. Was it value for money? Not really. We just felt a bit hungry after the whole set lunch. Most of all, I was very disappointed with the impersonal service which just did not gel with the environment and the meal.

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