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xiu ling
 • 09 Jun 2014 24 reviews 0 follower
My bf and I were given a seat, facing the main road. The lighting was comfortable, great for an evening date. For appetizers, we ordered the eggplant and stew octopus with couscous. The former came with tomato and cheese sauce, which was very filling. The latter fulfilled its purpose of opening up my appetite. The octopus were soft and they went well with the couscous. For main dish, we had the beef cheek. The restaurant noticed that we shared the two appetizers, and only ordered one main dish. As such, they offered to split the main dish into two portions. We agreed to that. The portion was still quite big after splitting. If one person were to eat both plates, I reckon it would be too much. Perhaps they added in a bit more else the portions in the two plates would be too small? The beef cheeks were tender but the sauce was slightly too sweet. 

There wasnt room for desserts, so we didn't try any. 

I spent $55 per person.

Must tries: stewed octopus

I also recommend this place for:
Dinner, Quiet, Romance/First Dates

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