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 • 15 Jun 2014 1 review 0 follower
My BF and me dine at Arossa on Saturday Night.

We sat down and the Waiter offer us the Drink List & Wine List.
My BF ordered 1 btl of South African Red Wine to pair with the food.

For Appetizer we ordered Burrata($38) to shared and is really Good!
For the Main We ordered 1 x Tenderloin ($88), Salmon ($36), 
with Mushroom & Fries as sides dishes.

Everything thing was Great! The Steak grill in perfect way and the salmon taste very fresh.
Only the mushroom need improvement, the taste is very plain.

We never had any dessert is too much.

We Ask for bills and we found out that they do charged the bills.
This is very ridiculous.
We even been to Cut & morton restaurant and they never charged us.

I mean i have been many fine dine Grill Restaurant and they never charged me!

Overall the service & food is good
but I will not come back again if they still charged for Bread!!


I spent $125 per person.

Must tries: Australian F1 Tenderloin

I also recommend this place for:
After Work

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