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$36 based on 59 submissions
Brunch (14 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (12 votes), Dinner (10 votes) ...

Artichoke Cafe & Bar specializes in modern Moorish cuisine which is inspired by the fascinating flavours and that serves delicate and delicious foods.

What others are eating here

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  • scrambled eggs and mushroom 4 votes
  • Bacon Chop 3 votes
  • Valhrona Chocolate Brownie 2 votes
  • beet root salad 2 votes
  • lamb shakshouka 2 votes
  • Bacon slab 1 vote
  • Baked Pita (prata) bread 1 vote
  • Lamb Ribs 1 vote
  • Local Mushrooms 1 vote
  • Lotus root 1 vote
  • Mezze 1 vote
  • Peanut Brittle & Sea Salt. 1 vote
  • Pistachio duck 1 vote
  • Pork Rib 1 vote
  • Shakshouka 1 vote
  • Shish taouk (chicken) 1 vote
  • kurobuta pork 1 vote
  • lamb kelftikos 1 vote
  • lamb tagine 1 vote
  • meat candy 1 vote
  • pork belly 1 vote

Latest Review for Artichoke Cafe & Bar

Overall RatingBased on 47 reviews
Most helpful review:

Great maple glazed bacon chop

Total Reviews: 147

See the full review with pictures here.   The first word I think of when I think of Artichoke is ‘defensive’. They have these little disclaimers plastered over their menus and the wall saying “We are not a “Western” restaurant.” and “Please do not ask us why we don’t sell eggs benedict” and “we are not one of those chilli-ketchup-eggs-any-style places”.   While truthfully the food (and omg the desserts!) was great, these little disclaimers all over the place make you feel like the owner is kind of uptight. They were freaking annoying!   Also, I don’t know what they mean by a “chilli-ketchup” brunch place, ok, I have never really had chilli or ketchup with my brunch. :S Like almost never. And the only thing that pisses me off more than a defensive restaurant, is a delusional AND defensive restaurant, who thinks it is being super cool by breaking from the typical brunch mould and simultaneously fancies itself martyred by singaporeans and our uncreative tastebuds.   Get a life!   Rant aside, I really liked their maple glazed bacon chop [$20]. The glaze was perfect, the meat salty and comforting, and their scrambled eggs are without a doubt, the best I’ve had in Singapore so far. Creamy, buttery, and soft! This is perfect hangover food, in short. If you are not a fan of bacon fat, you can saw it off here much more easily than when it’s on a strip of bacon.   R had the lamb shakshouka [$26]. I am not a fan of lamb, so I didn’t really try this. R’s pretty adventurous, but she doesnt like lamb when the gamey taste is too strong – this was alright, probably because of the tomato-ey gravy surrounding the minced pieces of lamb.   For dessert she had the snickers tart [$6.20] (which tasted just like a snickers bar) and I had the horlicks tart [$6.20] – a sweet crust, topped with horlick goo (not mousse, more like a horlicks ganache), and a horlicky crumble on top. I am extremely interested in trying their baklava – they have a sampler platter for $11 in which you choose 4 different types of baklava to try – they have about 8-10 different types at the little pastry window outside the shop.   When we left they gave us each a little packet of gummies in a paper bag – such a cute touch!   Their housemade lemonade is also really nice and has little passion fruit beads at the bottom. The cuisine here is sort of middle-eastern/egyptian – they do have an Egyptian little plates sort of set for $28 with various lentils and dips and bread and dukkah and anchovies. It is very unlike any brunch place I have ever been to here and is certainly worth a visit!

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Best lamb ever

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 658

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Loved the food at Artichoke; there was a harmonious mesh of flavours and a refined symmetry in everything. For sure Artichoke's going down as one of 2016's bests eats.
 PSA: For first-timers to Artichoke, it's at the junction of Waterloo Street and Middle Road; the little restaurant is tucked away in a nook behind this bright yellow heritage chalet-looking building, opposite Fortune Centre and next to the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations ("SCWO") along Waterloo Street. Park along Waterloo Street or Fortune Centre.
We had:

1) Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder ($38): sumptuous and hearty and rich but balanced, with meat so soft it practically fell off the bone. One of the very best lamb I've ever had in my life.
 2) Smoked Chicken ($30): succulent and perfumed with a heady char

 3) Greenland Halibut Fish Fingers ($28): loved the pairing with velvety squid ink tartare sauce
 4) Duck Adana Kebab Tacos ($18 per pair): may not have received the same amount of love as the preceding dishes, but I liked it well enough. It was texturally meaty, and its intense potency was countered by crisp apple strips, shaved radish, a drizzling of lively garlic chive oil and creamy avocado hummus.
 5) Charred Broccoli ($16) strewn with a piquant hodgepodge of miso vinaigrette, crumbed feta, pickled garlic, pickled shimeiji and mint. So good we ordered seconds

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i loveeee the pork belly!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 211

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We started the meal with hummus ($8), babaganoush ($8) which was smoked egg plant, yoghurt and pomegranate, and ebiko ($8) which was fish roe dip with cherry tomatoes and shrimp. The dips went well with the pita bread.

Housemade Feta Burrata ($24) - creamy salty cheese, bread, dirty tomato salad. This was not bad but not really my kind of thing, I guess.

Kuku Sabzi ($20) - persian egg fritata with cheese, spinach, coriander and pomegranate. Another interesting dish!

Char-grilled Pork belly ($28). This was the bomb for me! Well-marinated, juicy chunks of tender pork belly.

Smoked chicken maryland ($30). This was not bad but definitely not as good as the pork belly!

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