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Review for Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant (Upper Thomson)


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01 Aug 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Please think thrice or don't even think about it

I would like to apologize is this review is going to offend any fans of this restaurant. But seriously... It's totally not worth it. It's only my first time here and I guarantee that it will also be my last time. The reason why:    1) It is not worth the price. The serving is small just like 2 pieces of pork shoulder and that's it.. $22.  The side dish plates are so big but the portion of food they served is so small for 5 people. The side dishes are only suitable for 1 person and not 5. Furthermore, there are charges for refill of side dishes.    2) The service is slow.. Even raw meat, It took them about 20 mins to serve to our table. It's Raw, not cooked meat. If Raw meat took about 20mins, how about cooked?    3) Kimchi soup is not up there. Small serving too.    Overall, I am really disappointed with this meal. Very... I hope the management will look into this. I know profit is very important to each business. But earn the profit with dignity and pride. It will only look nice if you earn profit from return customers and not 1 time off customers. 
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