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Azmaya is a Japanese restaurant which offers authentic Japanese shabu shabu dining experience. Located by the river at Robertson Walk, its chill ambience is suitable for family and social gatherings.


Azmaya serves grade A5 Wagyu directly imported from Japan. Its signature special menu item, Hokkaido Snow Dome Shabu Shabu (soya bean milk based soup topped with creamy meringue) is the first in Singapore and a must try when you visit Azmaya!

Mon - Thu: 17:00 - 01:00

Fri - Sat: 17:00 - 04:00

Sun: 17:00 - 01:00

+65 67376863
$40 based on 20 submissions
After Work (8 votes), Dinner (6 votes), Buffet (4 votes)
Dawn Lee 594

Authentic Japanese Shabu Shabu in Singapore

Loved their super fresh and thinly sliced wagyu beef here. It's definitely a must try!

Others worth a try are their sashimi platter which is equally fresh and also their grilled squid.

Full review here:  

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  • Snowdome Soup2 votes
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16 Dec 2014 • 1943 reviews • 259 followers

Quality shabu shabu

Azmaya at Robertson Quay offers a variety of quality meats for shabu shabu.

Go for gold with the Wagyu buffet ($100 per pax) which comes with a set of wagyu belly, leg, steak, together with pork belly, neck, chicken leg,squid and shrimp with other side dishes.

Too lazy to cook yourself, there is the beef tataki, and smoked squid, and not to mention, a sashimi salad for the health conscious.

Expect efficient service with a vibrant dining environment.
30 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Bad service, Food normal. Not value for money

Truly not recommend this restaurant. No wonder sell Vouchers on (Promotion). Bad service and lousy soup base. Clear soup means water plus 3 pieces seaweeds. we're eating buffet but the Japanese waiter SUPER SLOW and even ignored our orders. He will say ok but food never come. Everytime we need to go to counter to order or exchange gas. I won't come back again!!!
10 Nov 2014 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

Very Good Pork Shabu Shabu

ee my full reviews & photos at =

went with sis & b-i-l to azmaya for dinner this evening on 10.11.2014. :-) i bought S$6pax pork shabu shabu voucher from qoo10. for 3pax it's S$18, and we had to pay GST + service to the merchant i.e. azmaya. 

i had dinner at azmaya a few times before, and food & service were very good. i also read the customers’ review on qoo10 & they were mostly good. the single serving of shabu shabu pork had about 10 to 12 slices. i estimated about 100g maybe? there was the usual vege to accompany the meat shabu shabu. there was a choice of konbu (昆布) seaweed soup or chicken soup. i picked chicken soup. 
the quality of pork here was really good, don’t know if it’s kurobuta but it was very flavourful. :-)


the leek, mushrooms, japanese flat rice noodles (like tanhoon) etc were all good, & there was also udon (we picked udon but there was also a choice of rice). the service was very good, very polite, and they would serve you when you asked, even though using a cheap voucher. i think the pricing does not make any sense, but of course i am not complaining. there are fixed costs & there are perishables, so perhaps it’s better to pack it with customers.

i am just pleasantly surprised that the restaurant maintained their service attitude so well, and so professional –  you actually get what was advertised & sold to you w/o any fuss, and it was really great value. can’t eat this all the time, but if there is promotion again later will surely come again.
28 Sep 2014 • 127 reviews • 5 followers


For more details, please visit   Azmaya, which is one of the Japanese Restaurants serving Shabu-shabu along Robertson Quay. It isn't too hard to find as it faces the river, and pretty near to Robertson Quay Hotel.   They have an extensive menu ranging from ala-carte to hotpots, but here’s a glimpse of their Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu set as these are the main highlights of Azmaya!   We have a total of 3 raw dishes, mainly the vegetables, wagyu beef, and pork. You will also be provided an egg which usually goes well with the meat cooked with Sukiyaki, to reduce the thick sweetness of the broth. For Shabu-shabu, it is more of like our usual Chinese hotpot, which gradually flavors the broth with the items put in to boil.   Spicy Cucumber by Azmaya returns a sweet flavor to our tongues and the crunchiness which is pleasing as a meal starter. This is actually the dish that makes me look forward to the rest of the meal.   Azmaya's Salad includes small pieces of salmons and salmon roes which to me, is the highlight of the salad. Smooth salmon, juicy fish roes, and the appropriate salad dressing which makes the whole salad quite appetizing!   Combination of 3 different Sashimi, such as bonito, salmon and tuna. If you are a sashimi lover, this is definitely worth ordering!   Tamagoyaki, which is like egg rolls. Love the soft bite, adding that eggs are always my favorite.   Squid which comes in whole. Another dish that I favored because of its firm and springy taste, which makes me go for more.   Gyoza, another must-order item in Azmaya. Lightly pan-fried, with thick gyoza skin encompassing the juicy fillings.   Tempura, a Japanese dish of battered and fried seafood and vegetable combination.   …   For more details, please visit
05 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


NEVER will be back again! And I finally understand why your restaurant needs so many promotion!
Today, husband and I went to the restaurant to find waiters crowding behind the counter while we were standing right in front of them waiting for someone to attend to us. Nope, nobody came and we had to walk in to approach someone.
Japanese waiter couldn't find my reservation and went ahead to pick up another call. While we were left to look through the reservation list, he attended to someone else who came in after us and had no reservation. He immediately gave her a table. Coming back to us, he insisted that I didn't call and said restaurant is fully booked.
I wasn't asking for much, but at least have the courtesy to attend to us uninterrupted and don't be so unapologetic about the reservation thing. Very rude Japanese waiter.
I will no longer go to azmaya or recommend to anyone! PLEASE DON'T VISIT, GO TO VIVO CITY FOR BETTER SHABU SHABU!