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26 Sep 2013 • 22 Reviews • 0 Follower

Best Buffet in Singapore

I have never liked buffets.  I tend to over-eat and the quality is never that great.  In other words, never very good value for money.  Azur has left a different impression on me, however.  It is my favourite buffet so far. Azur, as the name suggests, is awashed in calming shades of blue and aqua.  On the walls are terracotta vases. First off, they use Royal Bone China tableware. Wow, Royal Bone China tableware in a buffet.  The china is fine, not clunky like in many places. The buffet has a good mix of Asian and Western dishes—there is Chinese, Western Roast, Chinese roast, Japanese (cold soba, sushi, sashimi), Indian, Italian, Indonesian etc. The oysters, clams, mussels  are all very fresh.

The mushroom soup was very competently done. The bread was very good quality.  They didn’t overlook a small thing like bread.  Very nice. I also tried the Waldorf salad and squid salad.  Both are very nice.   Next was the sashimi.  It was very fresh. I tried the cold soba.  It was ok.  It could have been colder though. Seafood Jumbalaya—there were many tiger prawns and mussels in it and they were very fresh.

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