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Review for Ba Xian @ Tower Club (八仙)


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Address: #62-64, Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place, 048619
02 Apr 2009 • 267 Reviews • 25 Followers

OMG!! The tea cups r branded!!! Guess wat label???

Dining at the top of the world is a luxury one would say... Dining at the top of CBD is a luxury of most bankers and traders especially when exclusive membership (by invitation oni!) is needed for such dining privilege at the prestigious Tower Club.

Located on top of Republic Plaza and spanning from 62nd - 64th penthouse floors.. Tower Club offers spectacular views and 3 floors of delectable cuisines... I've tried both e Chinese Restaurant Ba Xian or 8 immortals and Straits Bar for e buffet n drinks and i gotta say.. dining at e top of CBD? Is quite a great feeling!

Dining at Tower Club is quite a style.. Upon reaching 62nd floor.. one is greeted by e grand decor n friendly concierge n shown to another private lift that takes u to e respective level... Ba Xian is surprisingly a very nicely decorated classy yet spacious fine dining Chinese restaurant.. It has e best ambience n style of all e cheena makans i've been to.. It surprisingly oozes a business-like yet non-intimidating ambience and tables r quite spread out for that much needed privacy esp when u r talking business! It's quite a far cry from a noisy chinese resto but yet it's not quite atas tat u feel uneasy so kudos on ambience though!

The food on e other hand is less memorable than e ambience.. oh boy even the tableware is more memorable! U do realise that u r dining in luxury when your tea cups r branded! Huh branded? yes i can see your confused faces.. but i kid u not! e tea cups r from VERSACE! yes Versace! e medusa looking head n all! Boy even e chopsticks r beautifully plated with Tower Club symbol! Talk abt dining like e celebs!

I've never been impressed with e food at Ba Xian n i duno why... It's definitely good n one can even call innovative but it was never outstanding to me.. I shall review my most recent visit which i was impressed with only 2 dish! We started with some roast pork with mustard on e side.. e roast pork skin is real crispy but on e whole it's quite hard n not juicy... I suggest Tung Lok's instead. The wasabi prawns r quite decent n lightly fried n seasoned but it still lacks e wow factor unlike Golden Peony.. The fried squid with salt n pepper is light n nice but forgettable..juz go to Crystal Jade man..

Next we had e peking duck.. this i likey! The skin of e duck is real crispy n flavourful! It comes with a slice of non fatty meat which i appreciate becoz i prefer having some meat in my wrap to have more punch! The sauce n wrap n peking duck's all good so do order this! The soup tat we had is a clear broth with "san yu" (watever tat is) n some shrooms.. It's a light broth but i never really like clear fishy soup so nah.. Next came a steamed fish HK style ie soy sauce base but me no hugh fish fan so nah...

I do like e kurobuta pork in coffee sauce.. i tink it's yummy! Kurobuta pork is kinda like wagyu beef so it's a premium meat.. The pork slices we had r nicely charred on e outside yet tender n tasty on e inside.. nice! e sauce of coffee is a tad bitter n me no drink kopi so would prefer a lighter version but somehow i felt that e stronger taste is needed to bring out e whole dish so no complains! The accompany cabbage is very tastily sauteed n is a nice addition to e pork.. in all i tink it's a great dish! Although i've a colleague who juz tot it sux.. oh well..

I did not like e minced pork with salted fish wrapped in cabbage at all... i tot it was yucky!!! There's a strong yucks taste to it n i'm not sure if it's e pork or salted fish but it's soooo not good together! yucks! The carbo dish of fried rice with e peking duck meat is quite alright.. except that there's beansprouts so nah for me...

Overall i do not feel tat e food's all tat great but e view ambience n tea cups sure won me over! I'm not sure how many ppl would actually bother to read this review since most ppl on e street dun really tink of gg tower club to makan and those who do couldn't care less abt e food coz they r talking biz but at least i've said my piece n i'm happy! versace happy!
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