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European, German, Western, Wines
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Mon to Fri: 6.00 pm - 1.00 am, Sat to Sun, Eve PH & PH: 6.00 pm - 2.00 am

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Overall a Good Restaurant

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

Four of us dined at Bacchus this evening.

The red wine was not great, however the white wine was acceptable. 

The food was great and we'll definitely be back. It's a shame this restaurant is tucked away behind Muthu's - it would certainly get more traffic if it were in the main area.

The salmon, the sausages and the Maultaschen (tube pasta stuffed with beef and spinach) are all dishes we can recommend for the main. 

For the dessert, the lava cake is delicious!

While a little austere for what you would expect for a German-concept restaurant (maybe it's Swiss-Germain??), it is clean and presentable.

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Nice night with German wine

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

I went with my German friends to Dempsey in a wine restaurant. We were not very satisfied there and found a new German Wine & Dine Restaurant in Dempsey Block 7. Very nice ambient. Not so dark as before. Very friendly staff they recommended very good wine. My German friends were silent and smiled satisfied about the recommendation. We took Flammkuchen with the white wine. Very crispy and good. We ordered 2 :-)

After that we took main course. I took Roasted beef with onion and potato salad. My friends eat typical German food sausages, Salzfleisch and Maultaschen. They said this food better than many restaurants in Germany.

We were fully satisfied.

After food the staff offered us cigar's. They have a very nice cosy smoking area. We took a bottle very tasty Redwine (Lem???) didn't remember. We smoke cigars and enjoyed the wine.

Was a perfect evening ! We definitly will come back !

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Yet another so so food..

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 33

You may have a little trouble looking for this place as it is still fairly new. It is right behind Jones the grocer.

Bacchus (Bacchus basically is the Greek God of wine :D )has lots of variety of German wine and decent meals to go along with it. Personally I might not return there again as I can get German fare else where in town. Oh ... it was shockingly empty during dinner time at Bacchus on a Saturday evening. The place wasn't even half filled. I guess they really need to do alot of publicity in get the crowd in. . I really like the decor of the place. Very farm like..very cozy .. and the servers are really friendly and nice. Prompt service I would say.

There is complimentary bread before food is served . There are a variety of sausages to choose from and u can add on your own sides. Sausages are about 10-12 bucks while sides are charged accordingly.

I tried something different for a change.

It's pork chop with potato noodles ( schnitzel wiener art ) Yeah.. the noodles tasted something between pasta and potato.. ahahaa..The sauce was suppose to be some chef speciality but I don't like it :P Actually, kinda regret coz it was just pork chop..expensive ones too..

Other friends mostly ate sausages.. A friend had the  Flammkuchen which is almost like pizza but without the cheese.. it was thin and that one looks good..

I tried the lava cake...which was warm choco. cake served with vanilla ice cream. it was decent.. nothing great though..

overall I doubt I will return. 

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Total Review: 1

went to this new place call Bacchus german wine restaurant sometime back ago. when first went in, find that its very unique in decos and seating styles, they even have televisions playing pictures of wine grape yards and all .. heard from the staffs that most of the decos are from germany, very nice and unique. so me and my friends look through their menu and ordered some food and wine, i was intro to their new age wine, the one i tried was a red wine but could not remember what is called but i only remembered that is very nice and sweet .. i quite like it, in fact 2 of other friends love it as well, but i must thank one of the staff who took the effort to explain and tell us about those wines that we bought, cannot recall his name but i remember he is chinese and have a nice goatee, think he is the manager of supervisor as he was wearing something different from the rest. ok .. the bad part is the food, me and friends share the same thoughts >>> THE FOOD IS A TOTAL WRECK ! .. i ordered something about some pork thingy, well it look some normal deep fried pork cutlet you could eat at any coffeeshops, one of my friend had a roast beef which was suppose to be well done but it came out to be of some blood in it and the taste is a little sour, oh and theres nothing fantastic about their soup, ordered something with a beef broth but the taste : JUST LIKE DRINKING A NORMAL HOT WATER with something in it. i was so disappointed with the food but then i love their "pizza" like thingy ... cannot remember what it calls, kind of lost my receipt .. hahahaha .. well it taste good and i love it ... other than that, a big NO !!! service was excellent, bread was serve while we waited for drinks and food, very attentive service staffs but its just the food that kills all the impression. ahhh the pricing is quite expensive but luckily the service and the wine make it all good despite the diappointments with the food. well dont think i will be back there any sooner. :(

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