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Backstage Cafe

Backstage Cafe gets you a quick getaway from the bustling industrial surroundings and lets you experienced perhaps a good time for a cup of coffee paired with great selection of foods atop here in a high ceiling airy loft-like vibe cafe along Kallang Way.

Daily: 10:00 - 21:00

+65 67436893
$18 based on 15 submissions
Brunch (6 votes), After Work (3 votes), Ala Carte (3 votes)

oasis in an industrial place

A large chillout cafe, out of the way inan industrial area but probably appreciated by those working nearby. food quality v good. on yhe costly side. Not a everyday hangout place..but great for occasional treat.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Deep fried shitake mushrooms2 votes
  • Flaming Brandy Chicken2 votes
  • Backstage breakfast combo1 vote
  • Rainbow cake1 vote
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29 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Terrible Burgers...etc

I trusted lady iron chef on this one. best ramli burgers in town. I kid. The burger patties had the delicateness of plywood. The "chicken" fillets on the salad would put McD's to shame. They came from an unknown part of the chicken's anatomy. Ketchup and chilli served in packets rightly demonstrated their fast food skills.
 Will not go back, will not trust lady iron chef agai
04 Jan 2015 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

oasis in an industrial place

A large chillout cafe, out of the way inan industrial area but probably appreciated by those working nearby. food quality v good. on yhe costly side. Not a everyday hangout place..but great for occasional treat.
15 Sep 2014 • 126 reviews • 0 follower

Backstage Café @ Kallang – away from the crowd!

Backstage café is located in the industrial area away from crowded teen hangouts.There is just something so mysteriously attractive about dining in areas away from the hustle and bustle of rushing crowds. (That, coupled with the fact that it was just a couple of bus stops away from the Aljunied train station, made it a lot more enticing!)   There were plenty of seats and the seating arrangement was very spacious. Another huge plus point! Since it was a weekday, their weekday 3 course lunch which consists of a soup, a main that you pick from 8 choices, and dessert.   On the whole, the food was really average, but the ambience and the friendly staff made up for it. It might have been because the lunch options were rather limited; we couldn’t try the other options on the menu which were only available after 2pm on weekdays.    Please refer to for details review.
23 Jun 2014 • 378 reviews • 3 followers

Interesting hidden gem in industrial area

It was time for brunch and off I went with *Katherine, at this hidden cafe in an industrial area - Backstage Cafe. Backstage Cafe provides the perfect hideaway for busy executives to relax and have a drink or two, and the spacious cafe hosts a very relaxing ambience ideal for meals, chit-chat or hanging out. I heard that this place was started by media stars hence if one is lucky, they may catch sight of media artistes hanging out here or using this place as a location set. The Rainbow Cake (SGD$7.50) was the item I ordered first, since I have been having craving for it for a while. The bright colors were pure temptation, and I dug in happily. The first couple of bites gave us the impression that it was too hard and dry, but then we realized that a 7-layered cake could not be too moist - if not the cake would "sink". The texture grew on us, and the different colored layers provided different sweet flavors - the most prominent being lemon with its citrusy, sour charms. We had the Crabmeat Pasta (SGD$16.00) next, cooked in pesto sauce and garlic, with chunks of crab meat and springy noodles. It was a rather tasty dish, but we thought the sapid sweetness of crabmeat should've been more prominent, instead of being obliterated by the tiny garlic cubes. The Tori Karaage - fried chicken cubes (SGD$6.00) - were served next - a little disappointing. The chicken chunks were not crispy enough; in fact it was rather oily / moist, with lots of fatty meats. The taste was quite all right, but being a fan of non-fats meat, I nibbled on tiny slivers of flesh and discarded the rest (a sinful act of waste of food, yes, regrettably). For more detailed information and photos, please visit:

02 Jun 2014 • 127 reviews • 5 followers

Spacious cafe for big groups

For more details, please visit   Drinks - Iced Cappuccino ($5.50), and Iced Cafe Latte ($5.50). If you prefer to hot version, it is just a dollar less.   Main - Smoked Salmon Benedict ($15.00). Freshly poached eggs on toast accompanied with sliced salmon top with hollandaise sauce and mesculin salad. I love poached eggs which are nicely done with runny yolks. The one that came to our table, has one almost cooked, but another to make up for former :)   Main - Backstage Breakfast Combo ($15.00). Freshly toasted bread with bacon, honey baked ham, sauteed mushroom, grilled fresh tomatoes with melted cheese and mesculin salad, accompanied with choice of egg (scrambled/egg white/poached/sunnyside). Scrambled is a little overcooked, which wasn't the wobbling type I wanted :( Generally the rest of the dish is fine.   Crispy Fried Chicken Wing ($8.00). 4 pieces of wings which are fried to crisp and juicy in the meat. Thumbs!   For more details, please visit