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Bakerzin (Paragon)

At Bakerzin, customers indulge in exquisite desserts. For some it is in celebration, for others it is for comfort. Bakerzin's dessert always meets customers expectations and satisfies the purpose of their visit, each and every time. The casual dining experience at Bakerzin simply can’t be matched anywhere else.

Daily: 10:30 - 22:30

$15 based on 26 submissions
High Tea (8 votes), Dinner (7 votes), Girls Night Out (6 votes)
Sam Ang

Bakerzin @ Orchard Paragon

This is an adapted review from my blog. Full review and more pictures are available at:

My impression of Bakerzin as a confectionery store and coffee serving cafe was challenged when I flipped through their menu and saw that they offered several main dishes as well.

I haven't tried too many of their other beverages, but their Tiramisu Cafecinno has caught my heart with its wafting fragrance, creamy smooth texture and sweet buttery taste, earning a few thumbs up from me.

Bakerzin does not hold back in their serving portion, which makes the price on the menu seemed reasonable. Take Mum's Curry Chicken for example, which at SGD16.50 sounded ridiculously pricey for a such a simple dish, but the servings was enough to feed two adults if they were not ravenous.

It gave me my very first experience with a Chocolate Souffle and Sweet Corn Panna Cotta, and  I loved these fluffy desserts. Other confectioneries listed in the menu tempted diners with vivid colors, making you wish you could just order them all, health be damned.

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  • Warm Chocolate Cake3 votes
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11 Nov 2014 • 23 reviews • 4 followers

Bakerzin @ Orchard Paragon

This is an adapted review from my blog. Full review and more pictures are available at:

My impression of Bakerzin as a confectionery
18 Dec 2011 • 31 reviews • 4 followers

Disorganised management, inefficient service

As my friend had a $10 Bakerzin voucher, we decided to go there for tea and made our first order of a dessert platter. A woman who came in to pick up her cake left rather angrily after the staff messed up her order.

...Fast forward 20 minutes...

A waitress comes by to ask us "So are you ready for
03 Sep 2011 • 49 reviews • 4 followers

Last visit.

I used to think that Bakerzin was not too bad but after this visit, I'm ensuring that it will be my last.

When my ILT was first served, it was very, very pale in color. I tasted it and true enough .....

Me: Excuse me, the iced lemon tea is very diluted, can you add in more tea?

Staff: Oh.

Staff brings
30 Aug 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Slow Service, Re-heated Food

Not only is the service VERY slow, but the food is not fresh. Probably stick with the pastries or cold dishes. The hot food is all re-heated. No taste.
05 Apr 2011 • 9 reviews • 1 follower


Came here with my girlfriends on a Friday evening and we were greeted by slow service. We stood in the middle of the walkway for 5 minutes, looking in at a half filled cafe, waiting to be served. We were not greeted with a smile, didn't feel welcome at all.

The location needs a desperate update. The