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Review for Bakerzin (Paragon)


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16 Mar 2011 • 131 Reviews • 4 Followers

Surprisingly great food and service!

Went there on a Sunday for lunch.

It was easy to find. In Paragon. Great people watching, comfy seats, not overcrowded. Very efficient, polite and attentive service. The staff got our orders correctly without us repeating or raising our voices.

The got us water and offered warm or cold water (most places don't even know to ask warm or cold or even offer water!). We had coffee and warm water. The coffee was fantastic! Came in a mug too - generous!

We had Teriyaki Pizza and a Cheeseburger. Fantastic quality!

The pizza was great! The crust was perfect but because the Teriyaki chicken had a wet marinade, the sauce made the crust a bit soggy by the end of the meal. But it was SO TASTY and so well-balanced! VERY generous in sauce, meat and veges. It came out better than the picture on the menu!! Generous size too.

The burger was the 2nd best burger we've had in Singapore (1st is Fat Boy's at Joo Chiat). Generous meat and real cheese. Very tasty and it came out HOT (unlike at Relish where it came out COLD). Very high quality ingredients and very well-balanced taste. Cooked medium as we requested. The burger had doble cheese and a creamy mushroom sauce. Oh the mushroom sauce was DIVINE!!

The side was a potato salad instead of chips. It was so good we didn't complain about the lack of chips!

Highly recommended for the food and service. The prices are steep. The pizza cost about $17+? And the burger about $26+? The coffee was standard price but in a mug it was worth it.

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