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Good cakes average food..

Food/Drink 3 | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 267

I've alwaz liked Bakerzin... They have a chic yet casual ambience that makes it a nice place for meals... Their menu booklet has alwaz been creative and pretty and this point is brought on strongly as my London friend had contemplated stealing the older version so that she can show off back home while the new menu (no doubt a little confusing) is actually quite cute in a stylish magazine concept..

The strength of Bakerzin has alwaz been their mouth-watering & lip-smacking cakes and desserts... Ahhh the cakes r gorgeous and every Xmas u would see me here collecting my pretty log cakes! The blueberry cheese cakes here are yummy and i do know that they have a cult following on that..The best blueberry cheesecake i've ever had was at the legendary Mandarin Grill in HK but considering the price difference... Bakerzin is decent for mere mortals like us.. Do check out the monthly cakes promotions though.. they r worth it!

The savoury section however pales in comparison.. or perhaps it's juz my seafood pasta since my friend had a great time chomping down her mushroom linguine... The set is good value @ $13.80 or $16.80 depending on main course and comes with soup and drinks and free flow bread that u can go toast in a corner..but we went ala-carte instead..

The seafood pasta is generous in portion.. a mountain of pasta with prawns n sotongs n mussels n clams.. e seafood is well..fresh or shall i say aint not fresh but the whole dish is simply overcooked...the pasta is soggy n e seafood a bit tough.. didn't really fancy the sauce but do let it stand so that the sauce thickens and do add cheese to make it more palatable.. e mushroom linguine seems like a smarter choice..

Overall the spotlight here is on the cakes which has alwaz gotta quite good reviews.. the food is spotty and i think some items r yummy n some r not so u need luck in spotting those but otherwise sld be a pretty decent place for food and catching up... Good cakes average food.

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Good food bad service

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 11

Went to the outlet last Sunday for brunch. There were three

male staff while the females were hosting a kids bday party. They were poor in their service, didn't sit us down, didn't even give the menu till they saw one of us gettin up to take it. Cutlery came slow.. No pepper was offered for the breakfast & we couldn't even get their attention. This is what turns me off abt food outlet with such staff with zero initiative. No one bothers looking around to see if anyone needs anything. Seriously, is wiping down the cutlery more important than taking care of your customers?

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Suprisingly Good

Total Reviews: 82

Have planned to have their Tea-Time special whereby I thought I can order any desserts and have my hot beverage at only $1.90. 

I was WRONG.

Was told by the waitress that my Warm Chocolate Cake is a dessert and NOT a SLICE of cake, thus, invalid.  Ok...whatever...I just wanna try their Warm Chocolate Cake ($10.80) and have my good old comforting Earl Grey Tea ($5.80).

The Warm Choco Cake was nicely presented on a round white plate, a simple but pretty sight. Though with only a small soft scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top, the choco used was suprisingly good. It was not overly sweet too.  My kind of dessert - a small portion without giving me the law of diminishing returns for the dessert ; )

Thanks to my biz associate for this Tea Time treat ; ) I appreciate it ; )


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Bad Show Bakerzin...

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 52

I used to eat quite a bit of Bakerzin when they used to have an outlet at One Fullerton. Loved their Penne with Ham and Mushroom.

On Saturdays, I usually bring my kids for their activity/classes at UE Square. Decided to have my 2nd breakfast at Bakerzin instead of my usual brew at Starbucks nearby.

Ordered the pancakes. This is where the sad story starts. It took them eternity to deliver the pancakes...something like 20 mins or so when the outlet was not crowded, maybe 3 tables?? They were lucky they served my coffee first so I sipped my coffee whilst reading Home & Decor and some other travel magazines that were freely available there.

I chased the Indian restaurant manager there and he went to the kitchen to hasten. Eventually it came. First glance, I knew something was wrong. Used my finger to touch the pancakes and it was cold. 20 mins to serve cold pancakes...wah lau...Asked the restaurant manager if they serve pancakes cold, he said no and quickly apologised and took the plate back. Took 5 mins to turnaround.

When it came back, the pancakes were hot. Happily, I used my knife to cut into the butter for my first slice of pancake. Wah seh, the knife could not cut into the frozen hard butter blob. Seriously, so upset, waved the restaurant manager, who quickly took the butter rock back. Took another 5 mins to turnaround. Butter came back.

Pushed my knife into the butter again, this time it went in like 5mm before it hit cold hard butter again. I am now like WTF...told the manager and they said this was the best they could do.

I'm not the type to create a fuss, waved them away, poured some syrup on the pancakes and ate away. Bill came, full charge. Told them I was not prepared to pay service charge, which they took out. Paid and swore never to go back there for breakfast again.

Frankly any decent restaurant manager would have waived the pancake charge. A poor showing for what is usually a decent restaurant chain...

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NY Cheesecake

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience N/A | Service 4
Total Reviews: 681

I think there's a problm with their opening hrs.

I went there @ abt 10.15 n they r still preparing to display their cakes so i asked them abt the opening hrs n they told me it was 10.30. However, it states 8.30/9 as their opening hrs in this particular outlet.

Nevertheless, i told them i wanted to get the ny cheesecake n they attended to me. AFTER the discount, it cost $3.50 after GST. I looked forward to every month where there would be discounts n promotions frm bakerzin. Theu never fail me in terms of their desserts.

This Ny cheesecake looks pretty normal, with a layer of s/berry jelly at the top, followed by a yoghurt like cheese n an oaty base. The cheese wasnt heavy n i felt like eating yoghurt due to the light texture.There were some uneven mix of cheese as i could even chew into a cube of cheese n dat's the disappointment.

I looked forward to July where there would be more exciting promotions!

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