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Review for Bakerzin (United Square)


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04 Apr 2013 • 96 Reviews • 1 Follower

Casual setting with a rich, chocolatey cake.

I was at Bakerzin on a weekday night alone to satisfy my craving for a slice of cake. I was slightly disappointed when their best-seller, Chocolate Amer, was out of stock. I settled for Sweet Allure ($6.90) instead, as they told me it's the most similar to Chocolate Amer, except that Sweet Allure contains alcohol. 

The multi-layered cake was extremely rich and chocolatey which I liked, but I couldn't differentiate between the layers in my mouth. The cake was still very much in its frosted state and the layers were still very much stuck together. The top-most layer was a thin layer of thick, glossed chocolate ganache, and the next few layers were the alcoholic sponge cake and chocolate cream intertwined. Should have waited for the cake to chill awhile. Still, I enjoyed the mildly alcoholic Sweet Allure.

I also ordered a Flat White ($4.80). It would have been much more visually attractive if there was some coffee art on it. 

The entrance of the place doesn't look too welcoming as it's small. But I like the lighting and setting. I also love cafes with comfortable, individual sofa seats which they have to offer, especially for small groups (or alone).

The lady at the counter was knowledgable enough about the various cakes that they had to offer and recommended me the slices that I should try out. 

PS. They also have a weekday high tea set - a slice of cake and drink for $9.80!
Recommended for
After Work, Chillout, High Tea
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$12 for 1 pax
  • Sweet Allure
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