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Review for BaliThai Restaurant (IMM)


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AsianHalalIndonesianMalay / IndonesianThai

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15 May 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower


I was at Bali Thai yesterday. The service was just horrendous. We asked for warm water and no body ever brought it to us. Several waiters came and said it will be here in a minute but no one ever came back. We ordered 4 drinks. They only brought 2. One of the waitress cam and asked us if there was anything else we were waiting for. And we told her about our drinks and she went into the kitchen, presumably to get our drinks but after 10 mins, still no drinks. People who came after us got all their food and drinks served to them and we were still waiting for our drinks. AND I HAVE TO PAY SERVICE CHARGE FOR SUCH CRAPPY SERVICE? ATROCIOUS!!!! Finally, when we called one of the waiters and complained to him and asked him to cancel our drinks and bring our check. He did not even apologize for the poor service. He did not say anything. I am from the F&B industry as well. I know how to treat customers and do customer recovery. THIS IS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! It was my first time at Bali Thai. And I am never going back again!!!
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