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Review for (Closed) BaliThai Restaurant (Tampines Mall)


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16 Nov 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Just bad

3 of us went to Bali Thai on 2nd Nov for dinner around 5 pm.
We went happyly came out very disappointed with the quality of the food.
Our order:
Appetizer Platter : Soso
Mango Salad:Tasteless different from other Thai restaurant Kangkong:Tasteless different from other Thai restaurant Steam Seabass: Fish was served warm and not hot no hot steam from the plate just heat up with 2 small candle. Even wait for half hour the plate still not hot. Came with high expectation turn disapointed.
Worse still ask the waiter why the fish serve was not hot he suggest to add hot water on it. What a joke!!!!!

Tom Yum Soup: Warm not hot

Steam rice was not hot

Green Curry Chix : Only dishes we deem as ok but came after more than half.

Spending total $105.69 for such poor standard at this place is ready not value for money. There are many restaurant & food @ Tampines mall serve better food.

Average Spend
$105 for 3 pax
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