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Ban Heng Restaurant (Orchard Central)

Ban Heng Restaurant serves delicious and tasty cuisine for every individual to love.

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

+65 62381516
+65 62387816
$30 based on 5 submissions

The HGW community like this place for...

Based on 5 votes
02 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Quantity with no quality

First and last visit for me. With the variety of food they have, no doubt is value for money. But to me, if the food does not have any quality, i wouldn't spend the money on it. The food presentation looks dull, the dishes being served were barely even consider warm. Most of the dishes were either too salty or too blend. 
Service staff overall seems to be understaff and service not consistant. 
03 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worst. Service. Ever.

Don't waste your money on this joint. Staff were unhelpful and rude, and  they even forgot our orders.
26 Apr 2014 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

23pqx Dinner so-so Food on 25Apr2014

we started with the list of chef’s recommendations above.
for me the best dish was the abalone. it was about or almost the normal good restaurant standard, not better.
the rest of the dishes were kind of below par or maybe i should say just ok. however everything is relative. the price of S$26.80 is i guess pretty alright for the number of dishes, 
the chilli crab was pretty ok though not spicy (as we were told by the servers).
the sharkskin soup was gluey like sometimes served in wedding dinners. i took
03 Mar 2014 • 19 reviews • 0 follower

MSG Overload

Deplorable food indeed. Attended a wedding dinner and regretted eating the food served. I would have been better off if I just skipped every dish and just drank the tea. The food was terribly salty and full of MSG, left me extremely thirsty for the entire night. The food is forgettable and I will never ever go to this restaurant even for a casual meal. All the ingredients were killed and murdered by the salt and MSG content. Really easily one of the worst wedding banquets I ever had. The only redeeming factor was the efficient and polite service staff who are almost all elderly aunties.
02 Feb 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Both Food and Service were deplorable.

Went there for the Lunch ala carte buffet during CNY 2014. Both the food and service were deplorable.

1) Shark's fin consist of nothing but tapioca flour and vermicelli. Reminds me of those $2 "shark's fin" at food expos.
2) Sweet and sour pork coated with so much flour you can't taste the meat.
3) Fried rice was tasteless.
4) Chilli crab was not fresh enough. Furthermore, fried buns (that usually comes with this dish) are subjected to an extra charge of $1 per bun, with a minimum order of 4 buns.
5) Fish maw soup was like the shark's fin soup, full of tapioca flour and water.
6) Roasted duck was clearly overnight food. It was re-roasted until the skin was a little burnt. The meat was also the toughest I've ever eaten.
7) Hor fun was burnt.
8) Fish fillet with spring onion was not fresh. It was in bits and pieces (instead of slices) when served.
9) Scallops were mushy. Clearly they did not defrost it before they fry it.
10) Most of the other dishes are very salty.

1) Food took ages to come.
2) When asked to change plates, the waiter grumbled that it would be bad if we change plates after every dish.
3) My uncle decided to change plates himself; the waiter scolded him, saying that he should wait for service (which took ages to come).
4) Every single waiter looked unhappy with their job and their face is in a perpetual state of anger and frustration.
5) Waiters were not equipped to handle the New Year crowd.
6) Waiters walk around knocking on customers' chairs without apologies.

In summary, do yourself a favor and do not frequent this place. It is relatively cheap, but I would rather eat at a "zhi char" store in a coffee shop than visit this place again. No photos are uploaded to spare all of you the horror of this place.