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 • 26 Apr 2014 198 reviews 1 follower
we started with the list of chef’s recommendations above.
for me the best dish was the abalone. it was about or almost the normal good restaurant standard, not better.
the rest of the dishes were kind of below par or maybe i should say just ok. however everything is relative. the price of S$26.80 is i guess pretty alright for the number of dishes, 
the chilli crab was pretty ok though not spicy (as we were told by the servers).
the sharkskin soup was gluey like sometimes served in wedding dinners. i took <1/2 of the portion served.
the drunken prawn had nicely herb flavoured soup. the prawn was quite ok.
the frog legs were a bit below par say c/w the plump, meaty ones at ah yat turf city.
likewise the garlic steamed scallops with tanhoon. this should be a pretty standard dish if using live scallops, but somehow the scallop & garnishing were not tasty. 
the stir-fried scallops with asparagus was also an average dish. the asparagus were quite good in texture & taste. scallops were just average. like the frog leg, this dish was lacking in ‘wok hae”, which was surprising as the baby kailan dish that came later had very good wok hae.
the deep-fried soon hock was also quite average. the fishes were crispy outside, the inside were not moist & tender as the usually good ones at most restaurants, & the sauce were not so tasty as well.
the 1/2 seabass with spicy bean sauce was good. 
the roast duck was good too, flavourful but just a tad salty. compare this with the really good roast duck at noodle restaurant at centrepoint!
the 2 vegetables dishes we ordered were quite good, above average.
the baby kailan had very good wok hae.
& the spinach with superior stock was good. nice tasty stock.
the deep-fried tofu with thai sauce was much below par, both the tofu & also the sauce.
the mayo prawn salad was quite ok & refreshing though not a favourite with me.
the hae chor looks were not so appealing. the taste was just ok.
the braised goose was to me below par, which is kind of surprising for an establishment that started out as teochew restaurant 42years ago in 1972. it was not ‘pang” i.e. flavourful & texture was over boiled. my favourite is the braised duck at imperial treasure teochew restaurant at ngee ann city. 
overall, food, ambience & price were quite ok for such a get-together. ala carte buffet was quite convenient, one price, easy to manage for groups & don’t really have to plan or pre-order the food, pretty much order anything you fancy. we were mostly more interested in talking, with food as a good accompaniment, so i was not paying much attention to the menu too. it’s probably not a place i would go much or soon.

I spent $31 per person.

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