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Ban Heng Restaurant serves delicious and tasty cuisine for every individual to love.

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Average Ala carte Buffet

Food/Drink 3| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 376

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we had our november dinner @ ban heng harbourfront centre on 24.11.2014.

i had not been to this ban heng outlet before. the last time G20 had a 23pax dinner at ban heng at orchard central, food was quite average.

this outlet has 2 ala carte buffet menu – one pried at S$28.80++ here, and the other at S$21.80++. from what i can see the main difference is for the S$28.80 menu you get to pick 1 order of abalones, crabs, froglegs, live prawns, scallops.

we took the S$28.80++ menu.

#1 roast duck was passable. but c/w the beautiful roast duck at both canton paradise star vista & canton paradise J-cube or with the noodles restaurant at centrepoint, this would be a poor & distant cousin.

#2 drunken chicken was average, competent.

liked the vegetables, #3 garlic spinach & #4 sambal kang kong.

#5 deep-fried soon hock was a standard dish. it was done well. 

#6 beef with bitter gourd black bean sauce was also done well. this was as good as any good zi char, say kok sen at keong saik street or hong kong street chun kee at commonwealth crescent or ah orh at bukit merah.

#7 steamed prawns was good like any good seafood restaurant.

surprisingly the #8 sharks fin soup though gluey like any served at weddings in yesteryears, had very tasty stock. this was much better than ban heng orchard central.

#9 frog legs with ginger & spring onions was also a competent dish. .

#10 roast pork. all my friends liked this a lot. we had a second order. meat looked great, was tender & tasty & skin was crisp. i would say presentation & taste-wise still a tad below what i had recently at tunglok central.

#11 fried prawns with celery – passable, nothing interesting.

#12 char siew looked & tasted great. of the 2 dishes, my friends liked the roast pork better.

#13 abalones with mushrooms & spinach. this was quite good dish also. the braising sauce though was nothing like the really good brown sauce served in good cantonese restaurants say ah yat abalones forum restaurant for abalone dishes (also goose web & spiky sea cucumber dishes) or at chao yue xuan.

#14 deep-fried tilapia in thai sauce was an interesting dish. it had less meat so some friends preferred the soon hock dish to this.

#15 scallops in yam nest. scallops were average & overall this dish was poor, below par, not even comparable with a good yam basket say at ah orh w/o expensive scallops.

#16 chai poh minced pork with steamed bean curd, i think this was really poor.

#17 sweet & sour soup. this was a pretty good soup.

#18 pepper crab was quite the usual seafood restaurant standard, for sure better than spices cafe.


self service dessert were quite standard. aloe vera with jelly was quite refreshing & pulut hitam the usual.

overall, food here was better than ban heng orchard central but not as good aspeach gardens miramar. for S$28.80++ pax it was 2/3 the price of spices cafe w/o the lobster. i guess quite an ok deal.

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horrible food. disappointing.

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 2
Total Reviews: 2

food getting from bad to worst. though its cheap, but we will not return again. they use starch for almost every dish, fish not fresh, jellyfish is horrible, abalone is pathetic, even the simplest green bean soup is diluted.

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Ban Heng Ala Carte Buffet Dinner

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 31

Although Ban Heng's ala carte buffet menu B offered a variety of dishes, I have to admit that I was disappointed by the taste of the dishes. Most were hits and misses.

Aside from the once-only dishes like the poached prawns, scallop and jellyfish in XO sauce, and abalone with spinach and mushrooms, the other dishes were average at best, and some were even substandard, like the black pepper venison and scallops with sweet sauce. The chilli crab was a sore disappointment. 

Hidden costs will set you back by about 35 bucks per pax and the quality of food is not worth the price. The Seafood International Market and Buffet will offer a better ala carte buffet lunch deal. 

Service was ok but the location of the restaurant was really hard to find. 

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It wins top prize for BAD service

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Reviews: 5

This restaurant probably comes in tops for having the worse service ever. Most of the wait staff that came to our table were aunties in their 50s.

1) I was told off when I asked to change a plate with tea stains on it. She said I dripped my tea on the plate. I think it was more like she dripped the tea while pouring it?! Anyway, she brought my change of plate at dish 5. By then I had already helped myself to the spare plates stacked a few metres away.
2) They removed our food even though it was obvious there was still quite a lot of food left on it. When we stopped her, she said it was because the next dish was coming. She was unapologetic. She could have asked first.
3) For dessert, they dumped the whole brown tray of mango pudding on the lazy susan, not bothering to offload the cups of mango pudding at all. We had to help ourselves. Actually we served ourselves most of the time even though we were at a big event with more than 20 tables.
4) There was no soya sauce to go with the chilli padi. When we asked for soya sauce, the waitress just said ''don't have''. We had to ask the manager before we could get some soya sauce.

While we said please, and thank you, the wait staff never uttered a word of sorry or thank you. They were so grumpy and grouchy, it was amazing!

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