122 Casuarina Road, 579510
Asian, Chinese, Seafood
+65 64522824

Daily: 17:00 - 01:30

$24 based on 57 submissions
Dinner (24 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (20 votes), Children/Family (18 votes) ...

While it's well-known for its chilli crab (which you can order as a takeaway dish), this zi char restaurant also has plenty of other staple offerings that keep diners happy. Complement your crab meal with prawn paste chicken, steamed soon hock fish or fried rice with salted fish.

What others are eating here

dou miao
dou miao
prawn paste chicken
prawn paste chicken
chilli crab
chilli crab
butter prawns
butter prawns
mee sua
mee sua
  • fried prawn paste chicken wings 10 votes
  • chili crab 6 votes
  • fried mee sua 3 votes
  • Black Pepper Crab 2 votes
  • Butter Crabs 2 votes
  • Chilli Crabs 2 votes
  • Sri Lanka crabs 2 votes
  • prawn paste 2 votes
  • Fried Vermicell 1 vote
  • Hot plate Toufu 1 vote
  • Mee Goreng 1 vote
  • Mee Sua 1 vote
  • Steamed Soon Hock 1 vote
  • baby squid 1 vote
  • fried rice and hotplate beancurd 1 vote
  • sambal tua tao 1 vote
  • stir fried yau 1 vote
  • stir fried yau mak with fu yu 1 vote

Latest Review for Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood

Overall RatingBased on 54 reviews
Most helpful review:

Bad experience

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

We made a reservation at 6pm and arrived 5.55pm. Ordered our drinks first since half of the group has not arrive. At 6.08pm, we got rebuke by a fat lady for hogging the table. I was shocked by that rude treatment. The food is good tho, if I would ever visit that place again, I just hope that I don't have to see that f** face. 

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Very bad expensive, equally bad food

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 13

HUngry from my jog, the plumb staff took my order without even look at me. I ordered sambal lala, then changed it to stingray. Being only 1 person, I expect a reasonable quote. I was charged $28!!!!
After 25mins I returned to get my package, was totally ignored until I've to approach the staffs to enquire. Turns out the cashier gave me lala and stingray. But I realised there's no fragrance at all but tought it couldn't be that bad....
I was darn wrong... very wrong. opened taste the stingray... the taste descended in my mouth!!! literally! I mean sambal can't be that bad right? NO! It's really so bad, and taste utterly terrible, like hot water blanched in salt! Horrible, I tried the lala... exactly the same. Different style but taste just like water+salt. Only the flesh had tiny bit of taste, so much so my drinks tasted divine and h eavenly.
It's really that BAD!!! If I was the chef, I should change my profession, as it's really an injustice to the patrons expecting decent or even average food. This one's disgusting!!!!!!! Seriously worst seafood in my life. Don't believe? try it!!!! Totally taste blind cook.

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Quite Poor Zi Char @ Ban Leong Wah Hoe on 18Oct2015

Food/Drink 2 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 389

See my full reviews & photos at =

daughter wanted to buy dinner for family + close family friends at ban leong wah hoe to celebrate an occasion. we went there for a 7pax dinner on 18.10.2015. ^^

i looked up hungrygowhere & openrice. the latest 7 reviews in hungrygowhere 2015 & 2014 were all bad. mostly about the bad service but also about lousy food & non transparency. only a single good review going back to mar2014 on hungrygowhere.

i noticed also the absence of pricing in the menu. i think that is quite an unacceptable practice today in zi char, restaurant or hawker centre, haha! so that’s why son many comments about non transparency.

we found the service ok actually, no nasty lady boss. service was ok & kind of expected for a zi char place.

but the place was quite crowded, so people were coming. youngest daughter managed to find street parking on the next street from casuarina road.

food though was quite poor. quite below the standards of the usual zi char places like –

two chefskeng eng keekok senwhampoa keng fish head steamboat

butter prawns was poor. quite dry. maybe should have ordered cereal prawns instead. the breadcrumbs were the tasty bits so that said much about the prawns.

chilli crab?

ok i guess. the sauce was quite tasty like any chilli crab, not spicy at all (i prefer spicy!)

crabs were good though, firm & meaty! ^^


this crab made me appreciate my friend alan’s homecooked crabs even more. his chilli crab sauce had more intense & lingering crustaceans flavours whereas this sauce was mostly sauce just some crab taste.

alan’s crabs themselves though were not as good, not so “solid”. it could be that the sauce flavours were more intense because he used a lot of crabs (6 crabs!).

anyway ban leong wah hoe’s chilli crab sauce was still nice, and great with the toasted “mantou” buns.

prawn past chicken or har jeon gai was tasty, nice flavours.

but the breading was not great, hard & crusty. actually our friend (my daughter’s guests for the evening) does a much better fried chicken, and so does my helper.

dou miao was mediocre, i think quite poor. i can do a better fried dish with more wok hae anytime.

the tofu dish was almost not edible, hopeless dish! chunky roasted pork (& a quite bad roast pork to boot!). not sure how to comment on this.

basically quite poor for zi char.

mee sua with quails eggs was supposed to be a singature dish??

it was ok, edible, but i won’t even say competent.

2 crabs were S$120. not cheap but i supposed ok. dinner for 7pax was S$222 or thereabout, so like S$32pax..

a very far cry from my recent zi char dinner at whampoa keng fish head steamboat, which also cost S$33pax

i guess sometimes it depends on whether we order the correct dishes. still, based on this quite poor experience, this is a place where i have no interest to try again.

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