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Bangkok Jam (Wheelock Place)

Bangkok Jam serves both Thai and Indochinese cuisines.

Daily: 12:00 - 22:00

+65 68360989
$32 based on 9 submissions

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02 Nov 2013 • 4 reviews • 0 follower


I prefer thai express. The tomyum soup was too spicy for my liking. you'd you can't take spicy food rmb to tell them to make it less spicy. Worth a try but I think it's expensive because the serving was kind of small? Not too bad though.
Mixed Grill
15 Dec 2012 • 39 reviews • 12 followers

Sorry ... this is not thai food

Seriously, the food here is pretty bad. Mixed grill was a big disappointment. Taste was blend and amateurish. The squid wasn't even cook through and we had to send it back. Service was half hearted. The crew seems to be quite clueless. The squid we rejected came back in a rice bowl, clearly it's been just taken out from the microwave, and no apologies, nothing. 
The management of Bangkok Jam responded to this review:
17 Jan 2013
Dear edioto, thank you for your valued patronage. We deeply regret to hear that the food and service standards are not up to par, in particular, the mixed grill and squid dish. Such a serving / food preparation presentation is simply unacceptable by our strict standards. We will conduct an investigation and perform the necessary actions to improve them. We look forward to your next visit.
Chef's recommendation, fried bee hoon with bacon bits and crab meat
11 Dec 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Fusion food but ends up in confusion

Went to have lunch with my gf on a monday afternoon, we ordered tom yam clear seafood soup, yellow curry chicken rice, seafood salad and fried bee hoon with bacon and crab meat *which i might add was the chef's reccomendation. Drum roll please. You will find the bowl of the soup is so tiny its not meant to be shared, they make up for it by adding prawns and squid, worth $10+ bucks.. NO! The yellow curry chicken came in a small metal pot, 2 pieces of chicken with coconut milk.. yup the curry is so heavy of coconut milk it made the curry taste aweful. The seafood salad is nothing thai, i had better salad when i was in bkk.. now for my dish.. by far THE most stupid ill conformed dish amoungst them all is the fried bee hoon. I'll let the pics do the talking.. 

As for service... i had to walk in, sit on my own table and why? Cause their 2 of the lead staff was too engrossed over the counter chatting to each other while the other part timer was busy serving drinks. I'll NEVER come back to this establishment, there's nothing fusion nor anything thai.. its just a sad excuse for over priced food.
The management of Bangkok Jam responded to this review:
17 Jan 2013
Dear disgruntled chef, thank you for your valued patronage. We regret to hear that the dishes served could be better and the service standard could certainly be improved further. In particular, we have noted that the tom yum clear seafood soup portion size as well as the quality of the yellow curry chicken and fried vermicelli has room for improvement. This feedback will be communicated to the kitchen crew for quality revision. We look forward to the opportunity of serving the two of you again.
Tom Yum Fried Rice (served in a mortar)
09 Dec 2012 • 6 reviews • 18 followers

Zero Customer Service, and highly overpriced.

There were less than 10 pax in the restaurant. No one showed us in, which was still ok. We had seafood phad thai n tom yum fried rice. Both, I felt, were overpriced. They were served less than 10min after we placed our order. Impressed at first, a little skeptical. The prawns were fresh but my noodles were still a lil hard. They were both tasty, but I definitely have tasted better for way cheaper. The phad thai cost $11.90. Our total bill summed up to $36, incl 1 watermelon juice, svc charge and GST. And seriously, I didn't see why we were charged for service. There was no thank you when we paid the bill and no thanks whatsoever when we stepped out of the restaurant. Staff was standing around and there was only one other couple left there. Bad first time (and only) experience.
The management of Bangkok Jam responded to this review:
17 Jan 2013
Dear Cynisque, thank you for your valued patronage. We regret to hear that the service standards was unsatisfactory and will communicate to the kitchen crew on the quality of the noodles. We would like to assure you that your feedback is valuable to us and it will be taken into careful consideration as part of our continuous improvement programme. Please visit us again!
20 Nov 2012 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Terrible service & disappointing food

I came here for lunch at the insistence of my friend as I had heard mixed reviews about this place. Initially when we stepped in, the place was quite empty. There was only about 3-4 tables. After we were given the menu, the waiters (there were 3 of them on duty but none was visibly around) took a long time to get back to us. I lifted my hand straight up a few times but failed to get their attention. They seemed to conveniently overlooked my hand. It was only after I shouted "excuse me" across the restaurant before someone heard me. We order 2 basil chicken & rice sets, 1 seafood red tom yum, 1 curry soft shell crab, 1 kailan with fried pork and 2 thai iced teas. Verdict as follows:- Basil chicken & rice was quite flavourless and we had to request for fish sauce & chili padi; seafood red tom yum was passable but portion was really tiny; curry soft shell crab was the good; kailan with fried pork was passable; thai iced tea could be easily mistaken for our local teh-peng. Overall, the quality doesn't justify the pricing. You can get better food from Siam Kitchen or Thai Express for similar dining concept. What's more irritating was that when we called for bill, we had a really hard time getting the waiter's attention. I was waving my hands frantically non-stop for almost 5-10 mins (serious!) and had to call out for the waiter before someone finally acknowledged me. They were walking around serving food but somehow when they walked past our table, their eyes would "happen" to look down or at the other side. There was an OCBC promotion of 10% discount for min $80 spend. Our bill was $79.21 and we requested for discount to be given as we had OCBC card. Not only did they refuse to give us the discount, they simply looked away, totally ignoring us. There were 3 guys and they displayed similar rude behaviour. Thankfully, there was a female waitress who stepped in to salvage the situation. In the end we had to pay additional $1 for plain rice to top up to $80.21 to be entitled for the discount. Overall verdict, food was so-so, definitely not as authentic as I thought. Service was bad. Definitely won't go back for the second time!