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$19 based on 31 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (8 votes), Chillout (6 votes), Dinner (6 votes) ...

Bar Bar Black Sheep is at Bukit Timah is a bar with three independent kitchens serving Indian, Thai and Western cuisine. A full range of cocktails, wines and four different beers on tap are also available.

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home made burger
home made burger
steak sandwich
steak sandwich
  • Beer 5 votes
  • Burgers 3 votes
  • Fish & Chips 1 vote
  • Naan 1 vote

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Lazy Saturday Lunch

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 2

I needed some sustenance on a saturday afternoon and decided to see what Bar bar was all about. It is always packed even on weekday evenings with a good mix of drinkers and diners.

They have a Indian, Thai and Western food stalls; I decided to plump for the Western as I was craving fries.

The burger was no-frills but the beef was good and juicy. The mushrooms were a nice touch. My companion had the fish and chips which were decent from the piece I stole from him. The star of the place are the fries... every single one was crisp and golden and they give you a huge pile! Great value for money at $13 (most of the mains at the Western Stall are $13 with the exception of the steaks)

Soft drinks were very reasonable too at $2. And if you had a beer you wouldnt be paying more than $20 for your whole meal... a bargain.

Next time I will try the Thai food as food at the table next to us looked good!

Not much ambience to talk about... rickety wooden tables and odd stools but it exudes a friendly chilled atmosphere. Definitely a good local.

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Vile service

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Just a tip fellow foodies: Never ever return your food at this place, even if it has a strand of hair or a rat tail in it because you'd prolly get an hour or two session on how cleanliness is not Tt impt and how it is just a food court (read on and you'll understand) and how customers shouldn't even have expectations or a say. Lo and behold, western food stall at Bar Bar Black Sheep @ Cherry ave.
 Visited the outlet for their fish&chips and ribeye and boy, wat an experience! It was a first time for me seeing the in charge advocate talking back or rather down to customers as well as drinking on e job.
 Ordered my ribeye steak medium rare. First steak arrived and imho a tad overdone but when my bf sent it back, he got chided instead. The chef must have felt rudely insulted, as though his Michelin star ribeye got thrown on e floor and stepped on multiple times. So his reply to my bf was, "so how you want it done?" tapping multiple times on e steak with his bare index finger, already displeased at this point.
 Second steak came in five min later evidently raw, the boss who served us even left us a pointer on doneness of steaks "Just FYI, first steak was definitely medium rare. You were wrong". Well okay good sir, I don't need you to be right, I just need my steak cooked right
 Sent the raw steak back and demanded a refund, clearly appalled and enraged by their insistence on who's right and who's wrong. Boss refused to refund and after a good seven minute tongue bashing session, we agreed on them redoing the second raw steak albeit reluctantly, for fear they'd spit in my food or the likes.
 Thirty min of waiting and still no sign of our steak. Went back to check on the status and discovered the cashier using her phone and the chef DRINKING BEER and in That moment I knew our steak was not going to be served That night. When asked, they just brushed us off and replied "oh you were rude so we didn't want to serve the steak" well your boss refuses to refund so you jolly well cook the f****** steak or give us the goddamn refund?
 They even had the audacity to insult us further. "Oh it's just 22$, no big deal". And you're calling us arrogant and rude? Pot calling kettle black much
 If it's such a meager sum to you, you wouldn't even be working there now would you? What more as a cashier? Yes this was the cashier lady talking down to us. Love how the boss was not around at this point to mediate the situation and instead allowed his staff to retort and insult the customers further.
 Pretty sure it isn't my job as a customer to coax or cajole you, a staff, if you're overly attached to your piece of meat or 22$. Especially not when you felt your ego thoroughly crushed after a comment was passed on doneness of the steak right?
 When questioned abt customer service (or the lack thereof), they nonchalantly self-proclaimed themselves a food court so don't expect any from them. Food was so-so, service was vile - definitely never going back there again

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I'd rather go hawker

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Very average food but place is not clean that makes you think if their kitchen is same dirty. No water served - it is really weird. I was shocked Lady Iron Chief has recommended this place, they should have paid her.

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