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Fruits & DrinksWestern
Address: 57A Haji Lane
Ray for Lynne Enroute

Quirky, Unique, Hidden, No Pretensions, Fun

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Something about this place, even if it is hidden in what some may feel to be a shady neighborhood, screams fun, laid back, and no pretensions.

Just get a seat (if you can get any. Gets really full even on slow days), tell the bar tender what kind of drink you are looking for that night, and they'll mix something up based on the "mood" you are in. If you love it, maybe you can have it listed down so that it will be your regular poision every visit you make.

Are the drinks quality? Yeah pretty much. It's not the best bar in the world, but it has to be in your list of places to have a sip when in Singapore.

For the full review and pictures, it's all in this link:
30 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Cocktail recipe = great drinks + Pathetic Service + blunt rudeness...shaken, not stirred! :P

Been to Bar stories many times, and used to ends up being a very memorable experience. Chic setting, great bar counter, and chatty bartenders spinning up very creative drinks... a visual delight and great tasting cocktails! HOWEVER...changes in staff? and or management? or just the attitude... makes this the worst place to step into. For us, a hope for great evening hosting a visiting friend turned into a nightmare. First, the bartender was plain rude, refusing to seat us by the bar counter. Why - some (new, and very random) rule about not letting over 3 people of a group at the bar. Thats ok...if it's a fairly busy time. This was monday evening..and with literally 2-4 other customers during the entire time! so we were sent packing to a dingy corner, away from the action and fun. This 'rule' was visibly random, targeted, and new for us regulars who have enjoyed multiple fun nights at the bar counter, in more crowded nights, and in larger numbers. But hey, who are we to say...just customers (which means nothing to the 'cool n chic' bar stories staff)   Then came the order taking...also usually a delightful process of interaction with the (used to be) social, friendly staff. This guy chose to take our orders from his pedestal at the bar counter, several feet away from us. Upon requesting politely, he obliged to come closer to us to have a 'conversation' as the order process here tends to be.   Next on delivering the cocktails...he concocted and brought the first ones out. Now, to the very common, and genuine qn from my friend "is this mine?" (bcos you dont know what shape, color, or style your drink at bar stories could be..thats part of the 'fun', the bartenders response was 'why would i put it in front of you otherwise?!' (Paraphrased, but only a soft attempt to recreate the curt reply that left a bad taste, before the first sip went in!   I used to say expensive, but great drinks and great experience makes this worth a trip. Now it is just expensive. 
14 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Bad attitude, don't waste your time and $$

Decent drinks but the attitude of the bar tenders totally ruined the evening.  Asked in a demeaning manner and rushed to say what type of drink we prefer, and the whole time we were given the impression that we don't belong there.  Not what you expect if you're paying $25+ a drink. 
06 Jan 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Perhaps my first and last

My friends told me I had to visit this place because the mixologist will pretty much make me something I would like. So I tried it out and to my disappointment, the drink (which comes with a hefty price tag) did not quite turn out to be what I liked. It is a pretty cool concept but I think I would prefer to know what I am paying for and not be susceptible to disappointments like this.

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