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 • 22 Dec 2012 1 review 0 follower
Recently visited Barnacles at Sentosa for dinner and was pretty disappointed.

The pan-seared Foie Gras ($26) which is one of their signature dishes wasn't that fantastic.

The half dozen oysters ($34) was terrible. It was so 'fresh' it tasted as if it just came out from the sea without being washed. If I didn't have the habit of not wasting food, I would have just returned the uneaten ones.

When I asked the waiter to double-check with the chef why it tasted so salty even after squeezing lemon and adding Tabasco, the reply was that it was from France. I didn't know French oysters were supposed to be as salty as French fries.

I've had much better oysters at buffets which cost a little more than the half dozen oysters ($34).

The only saving grace was that the waiters were friendly and the outdoor view not too bad until it started to rain and all the drapes came down.

I recommend that you come only if you want to impress your guests or date or if you can't think of anywhere else with a sea view. But don't have too high expectations and you should be alright.

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