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Barraka Bar and Restaurant is renamed.


#01-18/29, 11 Unity Street, 237995
European, Mediterranean, Spanish
+65 67379130

Mon - Thu: 17:00 - 01:00

Fri: 17:00 - 02:00

Sat: 12:00 - 02:00

Sun: 12:00 - 01:00

$35 based on 10 submissions
After Work (4 votes), Chillout (3 votes) ...

Barraka Bar and Restaurant serves delicious and mouth watering Spanish cuisine that suits every individuals appetite.

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Arroz Negro
Arroz Negro
Barraka Bar - Bar Area - Shot With Nikon Coolpix P340
Barraka Bar - Bar Area - Shot With Nikon Coolpix P340
Sparkling Sangria
Sparkling Sangria
Calamares A La Andaluza
Calamares A La Andaluza
Boiled octopus
Boiled octopus
  • paella 2 votes
  • Sangria 1 vote
  • boiled octopus 1 vote
  • crackling cochinillo al horno (roasted suckling piglet cooked in Segovian style) 1 vote

Latest Review for Barraka Bar and Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 11 reviews
Most helpful review:

Nice ambience, food is not bad, definitely value for money

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 27

We went at around 9pm on a friday night and it was about half full.
There's a combination of indoor and outdoor seating.
Service staff were a little stretched and they even ran out of menus but overall not a big issue.

We had the sausages, mussels and paella (bacon) for 2 with sparkling sangria.
Food was sent out hot and definitely woth the price.

Worth it to note that there is no service charge or tax either so prices are nett (iirc)

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Extremely Terrible Service... Or Was There Even Any To Speak Of?

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Yesterday at around noon I called up the restaurant wanting to book a table for 2 at 8.45pm to watch the football match later that night. As no one picked up, the call was diverted to a handphone instead and a rather grumpy man answered it. I thought perhaps it must be a little annoying to receive business calls on your personal phone so I let that slide. I have been to Barraka before and I must say that my first experience was quite good. I knew exactly which table I wanted in front of the screen as I have sat there before so I specified over the phone that I would like that table. The man told me ok and he would reserve that table for us.

Later that night, we arrived right on the dot or perhaps even early and we spotted the table we reserved all prepared and ready for 2. I was about to just walk right over but I thought the better of it so I tried to catch someone's attention to show us in. However, no one paid us any attention and left us standing there for quite some time. At that moment, a Caucasian customer walked over to our reserved table, moved his drinks from his original table and sat down without the permission of any staff. I was surprised and a little anxious and that was when I finally caught the attention of a Caucasian man who I assume to be the Boss as I recognised his voice from the call earlier in the day. He immediately knew who I was too and began to show me to that table when he realised that someone had moved there. But instead of moving that person back to his original table, he told us to get another table away from the screen. I was perplexed and told him that if I reserved that table, shouldn't it be only right that I'm seated there? Besides I was here to watch the match, I didn't want to sit somewhere where I couldn't see the screen. He told me that since we were late, he assumed we weren't coming and gave it to that man. Late?? I told him we were on time and he went on to say it was 8.47pm and we were late by 2 minutes. TWO minutes. Wow. I explained that we were on time but as we couldn't get the attention of anyone to show us in that resulted in us being delayed by a few minutes. But he wouldn't hear any of it and told us that in the future because of us, he wouldn't take anymore reservations and it would be on a first come first serve basis. He then rudely told us to take the other table or leave. I was shocked beyond words. Not wanting to blow things up or make a scene, I just left, feeling very disappointed and disgusted. This was my worst dining (can I even say that) experience ever and it completely ruined my first experience of the place when it just opened. Firstly, I don't think I did nothing wrong to ellicit such a rude response from him and secondly, is that any way to treat a customer? To be nasty, I could even say he was defending and giving priority to his own race. But even that aside, that is hands down the worst experience I have had with any restaurant staff and I'm never going back there again.

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Service comes first

Food/Drink N/A | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Thank you for spoiling my teenage daughter's day out and showing that the restaurant does treat some customers as 2nd class.

My daughter made a reservation for 8.45 pm looking forward to enjoying the EPL match today.
We were there before 8.45 pm but their waiters were busy understandably. We saw our reserved table and was looking forward to enjoying a meal and watching the game.
To our horror we saw a customer from another table moving over and occupying our table.
Shortly, the 1st class manager came our from the back/kitchen and met us and said we were late and it was already 8.47 pm !!! not even knowing how long we were there. He glanced at our reserved table and notice the 1st class customer seated there and said he could do nothing about it as he has given the table up (by telepathy I supposed) as we were `late'. HE HAD ALREADY GIVEN OUR TABLE UP EVEN BEFORE WE ARRIVED. He offered us another table and said take it or leave it.

Enough said. We will never go back to this restaurant and be treated as 2nd class customers. Will you ?

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