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Dinner (43 votes), Buffet (42 votes), Lunch (41 votes) ...

Serving up fresh, seasonal and authentic Italian cuisine, both ala carte and buffet. Highlights include a rotisserie, traditional wood fired pizzas, an espresso bar, walk in wine cellar and hand crafted desserts. The restaurant seats 183 guests indoors and 32 alfresco style at the terrace overlooking the pool.

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Oven-baked Focaccia with Black Summer Truffle and Robiola Cheese(v)($29)
Oven-baked Focaccia with Black Summer Truffle and Robiola Cheese(v)($29)
Sardinian pasta with lobster, scallop, scampi and clams with artichokes and red mullet roe
Sardinian pasta with lobster, scallop, scampi and clams with artichokes and red mullet roe
Sicilian Roasted Rack of lamb
Sicilian Roasted Rack of lamb
Crispy Pork Belly with Oven-Baked Apple (Back View)
Crispy Pork Belly with Oven-Baked Apple (Back View)
  • gelato 13 votes
  • Parma Ham and Cantelope 11 votes
  • cheese station 10 votes
  • grilled items 10 votes
  • Lamb Rack 7 votes
  • desserts 7 votes
  • everything 6 votes
  • Foie gras 4 votes
  • Crispy Pork Belly with Oven-Baked Apple 3 votes
  • beef medallions 3 votes
  • wagyu beef 3 votes
  • Sunday brunch 2 votes
  • Truffle Honey 2 votes
  • Veal 2 votes
  • antipasti buffet 2 votes
  • focaccia mascarpone 2 votes
  • ice cream 2 votes
  • many oils vinegars as salad dressings/with breads 2 votes
  • risotto 2 votes
  • Creme Brulee 1 vote
  • Crudo bar 1 vote
  • Espresso Tiramsu 1 vote
  • Tenderloin Steak 1 vote
  • The Meats! 1 vote
  • Tiramisu 1 vote
  • aglio olio 1 vote
  • anchoives 1 vote
  • apple strudel 1 vote
  • baked fish 1 vote
  • beef lasagne 1 vote
  • buffet 1 vote
  • cannoli siciliani 1 vote
  • casis sorbet 1 vote
  • champagne brunch 1 vote
  • chitarra 1 vote
  • cod 1 vote
  • coffee gelato 1 vote
  • foccacia pita 1 vote
  • four cheese pizza 1 vote
  • gnocchi 1 vote
  • grilled chicken 1 vote
  • grilled fish 1 vote
  • guava gelato 1 vote
  • italian 1 vote
  • lemon basil sorbet 1 vote
  • lime sorbet 1 vote
  • mango mousse cake 1 vote
  • pizzas 1 vote
  • plum with jelly 1 vote
  • pudding 1 vote
  • raspberry chocolate cake 1 vote
  • red wine pear 1 vote
  • salmon 1 vote
  • squid ink bread 1 vote
  • tomato soup 1 vote
  • tomato stuffed with cheese 1 vote
  • tortelloni 1 vote

Latest Review for Basilico

Overall RatingBased on 117 reviews
Most helpful review:

Delightful and value for money dining experience!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

Had decided to try out this Italian establishment for our wedding anniversary and it was a fulfiling experience. The waiters service was prompt and attentive without being intrusive. Spread was good with a wide selection of cheese, fresh salad offerings with unique taste enhancers (there is herb salt, squid ink salt!), cold cuts (the ham was excellent!), meats, stews. 
For those with a sweet tooth, you will be in for a treat as there was a delectable choice of cakes, tarts, tiramisu, and even a gelato bar.


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Great Italian buffet

Total Reviews: 6

We had a wonderful lunch as basilico. it had a fantastic spread of appetizers, several interesting salads, and tons of cured meats and cheese. there were also grilled meats, pasta, pizza, and lasagna. interestingly, there was a small table were you can find Asian delights such as curry, laksa, and soups. but seriously, who comes here for that? they also have great desserts.

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Fantastic 3-Course Dinner with Consistent Great Service!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 181

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Most restaurants provide inconsistent service but I've been to Basilico a few times, I must say their service is always very consistent - BEST Service! The staff were all trained to be very polite, always with a smile and provide high level of service at all times, compared to other hotel restaurants. We were really very impressed with each and every of them. (Kudos to all the staff at Basilico!) 


For the 3-Course dinner, you can get the antipasti items from the buffet counter. After you're almost done, you may inform the staff to start preparing your main course. (Select 1 Main Course from the menu) After the main course, help yourself with the extensive dessert buffet! So this will be the 3 Course Dinner with extensive choices from Basilico! :)

You can expect quite high quality food and desserts here! The 3-Course Dinner at Basilico definitely worth every cents you paid, compared to other fine dining restaurants. We usually have only 1-2 choices of antipasti and dessert at most fine dining restaurants, but at Basilico, you can have at least 10 choices of each! Overall the ambience during dinner is quite dim and romantic, very cosy too! Trust me, you will not regret dining here - Basilico is definitely 1 of the BEST choice for Birthday/Anniversary or any celebration! 

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