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Back to BasilicoLevel 2, The Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Road
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Top Must Try Dishes
gelato8 votes
grilled items8 votes
cheese station6 votes
Foie gras4 votes
beef medallions3 votes
desserts3 votes
wagyu beef3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner41 votes
Lunch39 votes
Buffet37 votes
Large Groups/Gathering31 votes
Quiet29 votes
Romance/First Dates27 votes
Business Dining24 votes
Brunch23 votes
Private Dining20 votes
Children/Family19 votes
Fine Dining19 votes
Wine Lists16 votes
After Work15 votes
Girls Night Out12 votes
Corporate Events11 votes
Vibrant/Noisy10 votes
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining9 votes
People Watching8 votes
Chillout6 votes
Anniversary5 votes
Birthdays5 votes
Boys Night Out5 votes
Hidden Find5 votes
View/Scenery5 votes
Business Breakfast4 votes
Nice Deco4 votes
Live Band3 votes
Wheelchair Friendly3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 24 Sep 2014 3 reviews 0 follower
Had decided to try out this Italian establishment for our wedding anniversary and it was a fulfiling experience. The waiters service was prompt and attentive without being intrusive. Spread was good with a wide selection of cheese, fresh salad offerings with unique taste enhancers (there is herb salt, squid ink salt!), cold cuts (the ham was excellent!), meats, stews. 
For those with a sweet tooth, you will be in for a treat as there was a delectable choice of cakes, tarts, tiramisu, and even a gelato bar.

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I spent $75 per person.

Must tries: Parma Ham and Cantelope, gelato

I also recommend this place for:
Anniversary, Birthdays

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 • 20 Sep 2014 1 review 0 follower
Welcomed with warm greetings & smiles at the front desk.  Friendly and accomodating waiting staff (tnx Montecarlo!).  Wide variety of delicious antipasti - cheeses, olives, tomatoes, breads, smoked salmon, freshly shaved prosciutto, salami & parma.  Salad station available where you can mix your own.  Very good hot dishes - creamy zucchini, chicken stew & spicy clams. Well done grills - beef & chicken were tender & flavorful.  Al dente pasta dishes were already prepared, both in tomato based & cream based sauces.  Liked the classic pizzas - pepperoni & quattro formaggi.  Getting too full so will try the other flavors next time.  And to top it off, the dessert station was the best. Loved the light panna cotta, tiramisu & creme brulee. Of course, we had to end this with the gelato. Had vanilla & chocolate (will try the other flavors next time too!) and the sweetness was just right, very refreshing. 

Overall, this was a very enjoyable buffet
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I spent $62 per person.

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Morsels of Delice
 • 11 Sep 2014 51 reviews 0 follower
Basilico is where you'll find the Best Sunday Brunch Buffet. This place serves a wide, dazzling array of pure, authentic Italian food (unlike those "international buffets" that always serves common hawker fare which I can get at a fraction of the price at kopitiams).

No punches pulled back when it comes to presenting all those delicious Italian food with the fresh and glorious ingredients. Due to the generous amount of herbs, seasonings and quality oils (think truffle and olive) used, resulting in the food there being pure indulgence. The freshly prepared pasta drenched in thick, flavourful sauce is thoroughly cooked while still retaining the firm texture (as preferred by locals, rather than the al dente favoured by Europeans). The grilled fresh meats and vegetables are done just right: have the distinct smoky aroma yet not burnt. The thin-crust pizza is filled with premium ingredients sitting on top of the very thin dough, just how I like it.

My favourite of the spread got to be the readily replenished fresh seafood consisting of prawns, crabs (shell cracked already, so it is easy to get the meat out, plus points for this), lobsters, crayfishes, scallops and more. Just this section is enough to keep me happy. Also love the cold dishes section where I can try a variety of Italian dishes not regularly found in buffets in other places. The use of olive oil, Italian seasonings, sweet ingredients make these dishes absolutely enjoyable to tuck into. Don't miss out on the decadent foie gras. However, I find that the cooking standard of foie gras varies on my several visits. Sometimes, it is perfectly cooked with the fatty, flavourful core wrapped in a thin layer of crisp, while there are times where the little morsel was coated with bitter charred surface. To be fair, I got the over burnt foie gras during the earlier visits, which is quite long time ago, rather than the latter.

Another must try is the Parma ham. Would not want to eat other types of ham (saved for Iberico) after savouring the premium Parma ... I wanted so much to go at least 4 rounds to enjoy myself fully with all these great food, though alas, my stomach says that I can only go for max 2 rounds.

The dessert section is another winner, featuring panna cottas, gelato, amaretto desserts, Italian tarts and cakes, which all meet my expectations. Another big plus point; real vanilla beans are used. Though I admit that I prefer the desserts in the buffet spread of another three establishments.

The place is very posh with reasonably good service.

A place great for indulgence.

For photos, Visit my blog at
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