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Back to BasilicoLevel 2, The Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Road
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Top Must Try Dishes
grilled items8 votes
gelato6 votes
parma ham cantelope6 votes
Lamb Rack5 votes
cheese station5 votes
Foie gras4 votes
beef medallions3 votes
desserts3 votes
wagyu beef3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner40 votes
Lunch39 votes
Buffet36 votes
Large Groups/Gathering32 votes
Quiet29 votes
Romance/First Dates27 votes
Brunch24 votes
Business Dining24 votes
Fine Dining20 votes
Private Dining20 votes
Children/Family19 votes
Wine Lists16 votes
After Work15 votes
Girls Night Out12 votes
Corporate Events11 votes
Vibrant/Noisy10 votes
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining9 votes
People Watching8 votes
Chillout7 votes
Boys Night Out5 votes
Hidden Find5 votes
View/Scenery5 votes
Birthdays4 votes
Business Breakfast4 votes
Anniversary3 votes
Live Band3 votes
Nice Deco3 votes
Wheelchair Friendly3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • Tuesday at 12:36pm 126 reviews 5 followers
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We came here after one of our appointments with the wedding coordinator at the Regent just to see what the food was like. It turns out that most people go for the appetizer buffet, which is a humongous spread of salads, cheeses, antipasti, cured meats, desserts etc. and is also much cheaper for lunch. We weren’t that hungry so we opted for the a la carte menu.
The started us off with some grissini and olive tapenade. This was actually quite good, even though I don’t like olives. Would have preferred a pesto dip though.
It turned out that the main I fancied the most was the one on the “buffet” menu, but they accommodated my request to order it as an a la carte dish – seared scallops with tomatoes on the vine, parmesan crisps, and melon balls. Everything went beautifully together, especially the scallops and the sheets of baked parmesan. So good.
LZ had the lobster risotto with saffron which was very sweet and had a strong saffron aroma. While it’s not really creamy the rice grains were al dente and the lobster flavour was pretty concentrated. There were generous chunks of lobster and prawns in here too.
We didn’t know what to get on the dessert menu, but eventually settled on this chocolate cake with berries, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream. It was alright but not mindblowing or anything.
Not a bad place for dinner although it’s a tad inaccessible.
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Princess J
 • 29 May 2014 374 reviews 13 followers
So to keep my word that I would bring my hubby here, we came here for dinner.
The buffet spread as many had said, is truly spectacular! It's a brilliant showcase of the awesome cuisine of Italy and then more!
Grilled Lamb Ribs - hubby ordered this as his main and the meat was grilled perfectly, tender and juicy. There is no funny gamey taste and the sides are also well cooked.
Fresh Pasta with Bacon Chunks - I found the fresh pasta cooked al dente and the shape of the pasta is a little special, not long like spaghetti but way fatter! I didn't really like the bacon chunks though. Not my most favourite pasta experience. Should have stuck with my usual favourite and not be so adventurous. Haha..
I remain a fan of this place and have converted my hubby too!
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Must tries: Lamb Rack

I added 3 photos
  • Pasta with Bacon Chunks
  • Grilled Lamb Racks over mash
  • Selection from the Anti-pasta Buffet Spread

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 • 16 Feb 2014 214 reviews 1 follower
We have been wanting to dine at this classy and elegant Italian restaurant for a while, what more, enjoy a good Italian buffet. So here we are finally.

So, it works this way - order a main course, and one is entitled to the Buffet selection at the round counter. We had thought that it was an entirely Italian buffet concept, counters filled with platters of different Italian pizzas and pastas, but it was not so. Nonetheless, we ordered a Main Course each, and then went ahead to attack the buffet bar.

The mains came. One of the items was the gigantic and thickly-crusted woodfire Squid Ink Pizza with Smoked Salmon and caviar - delicious, but mostly because of the sumptuous factor from the salmon and caviar. The crust was a little thick for my liking, and "squid ink" could not be tasted though it is rather evident in color. I thought it was a tad dry, but we were assured that traditional, authentic woodfire Italian pizzas are such - so we learned to enjoy the moment and chew.

Finally, my King Scallops - a mouthwatering, grilled dish of succulent, juicy, bouncy pieces of heaven served on sticks. Yes, they were huge, and each bite was a delight. The scallops tasted of the sweet, faint distinct metallic taste of seafood that I absolutely adore, and the bouncy meat was meltingly soft. This was the winner of all four, for sure - and the only one that got polished 100% (duh!)

For more detailed information and photos, do pop in:
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I spent $80 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
Dinner, Fine Dining, Nice Deco
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Dear ArcticStar,
I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed the overall experience at Basilico! We are happy to receive such positive feedback and we will certainly share your kind comments with the team.
We look forward to welcoming you back in the near future.

Warmest regards,
Julie Hanssen
Food & Beverage Guest Relation Manager

18 June 2014