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(Closed) BBQ Chicken (Downtown East)


With the belief to satisfy their customers, BBQ Chicken created the Olive Luxury Chicken and was the first to use 100% extra virgin olive oil to deep fry chicken. Using only the best and freshest ingredients in their restaurants, consumers can be assured that they are served with quality chickens.

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 22:30

Sat, Sun &: 09:00 - 22:30

+65 65837933
$15 based on 16 submissions
Lunch (3 votes)


Just two days ago I tried the Korean Charbroiled Chicken, the Jamaican Jerk, & a side of chili wings, all of which were exceptional except for the charbroiled one which was good but nothing to rave about. The jerk on the other hand, was awesome! Spicy but not in a 'I-need-water-NOW' way, in other words, oh so flavorful. The chili wings, I can't comment much as I didn't dare to dip it into the chili sauce; I do recall that the skin was wonderfully crispy though. All in all, BBQ Chicken sure knows how to grill AND fry (in 100% olive oil, they claim, which sounds pretty good to me) their chicken 'til it's all juicy on the inside and crispy outside!

I've to admit, the prices are a bit steep for just chicken.. however, the jerk's still a definite must-try (if you know where else to find Jamaican jerk, do let me know!), even if just once! I'll definitely be heading there again when I'm in the area for a chalet/etc.

Oh & interior-wise, I would just like to say I like their shiny, sort of olive-colored chairs. Yup, that's about it.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Arnold chicken1 vote
  • Chili Wings1 vote
  • Hot Hot Drum set1 vote
  • Jamaican Jerk1 vote
  • Oriental Chilli Chicken1 vote
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04 Apr 2014 • 296 reviews • 15 followers

Korean fast-food chicken

Only seasoned chilli fiends should attempt this. For the Hot Hot Drum set (two pieces served with two sides including the option of olive rice, $15.50) the chilli glaze will set your mouth on fire. The thick, crunchy fried batter that shatters easily holds the juicy and tender drumstick meat, and, really, it is the best canvas for the glaze. This is supposedly a healthier version of fried chicken: BBQ Chicken claims to use only olive oil to cook their chicken (hence the acronym: ‘BBQ’ stands for ‘Best of the Best Quality’). Our tastebuds are numb from the chilli heat, not that we’re suggesting they dumb down the spiciness, it is perhaps a good idea to have more complex flavours rather than just mind-numbing heat. The only other one that is Korean-style among the five kinds of fried chicken that BBQ Chicken offers is the Oriental Honey Chilli Chicken (fried chicken topped with Korean honey and chopped chillis, nine pieces served with two sides, $16.90).
30 Dec 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower


TOTALLY DISAPPOINTING!!!!! I was there with my family and 4 kids in tow at 6:15 pm on 29th Dec 2013. They took so long to take our order. I had to walk to the service counter to look for a waitress to take order. After our order was taken, we waited for 45 mins after asking the waiter to expedite our order. He came back and tell us 1 out of the 5 orders cannot be fulfilled because there was no more fried chicken. Ok.. so I chose the Korean style chicken. After another 15 mins, the waiter came to tell me, they were unable to fulfill 2 more orders!!! HOW PATHETIC IS THIS ???!!

After ONE HOUR of WAIT, they told us they cannot fulfill 3 out of 5 orders ? My kids were very unhappy as they were starving and the supervisor offered them only chicken pasta. After another 15 mins, the chicken pasta was served…. with 4 pathetic thin slices of boiled chicken. And the cream sauce was SO DILUTED!

Worse, the supervisor was very rude and cannot be bothered..Told us she had nothing else to offer us. Take this or nothing at all…. WHAT ???!!! AFTER WAITING FOR SO LONG, she told us there is no other food to offer us ? I feedback about the chicken pasta that was served in a haphazard manner. I was UTTERLY UPSET and feedback to the supervisor who was a Filipino. She couldn't even be bothered and ask me what I want ?!! "So What do you want ?" What attitude is this ?!

There are SO MANY restaurants in eHUB Downtown East. You can safely give this restaurant a miss.

I am definitely NOT patronizing this restaurant.

The service is just so lousy. The supervisor is inattentive and rude. 

As I was giving the supervisor feedback, the other staff didn't do any work, all came to crowd around and 2 even sat at the nearby sofa and put their legs on the table!!!!! It was only 8pm. 

Suddenly there was a loud clash in the kitchen. Apparently some dishes fell onto the floor and broke. What happened to the cook in the kitchen ?

The restaurant is not even full house. They cannot cope already.
04 Dec 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


this place sucks I have to get my own menu?!?! they served the wrong food even when there's only a few customers around!
05 Apr 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

So bad you wouldn't believe it

Hungrygowhere? Trust me hungrydontcomehere. Stay away at all costs.

This is the night of many firsts for me---my first complaint at a restaurant, my first food review, and my first taste of truly bad food.

My taste buds are easy to please, almost anything tastes delicious to me. But the ribeye steak I ordered, that looked so good on the menu, came out rubbery and hard, and it wasn't cheap at $17.50. I asked for the doneness to be medium but it was nowhere near. It didn't even taste like ribeye; maybe it was horse meat, I wouldn't be surprised. When the waitress served the food I asked her if it was prepared medium, and her retarded reply was "Mmmmmmm!" in a delicious-sounding tone as if she were talking to a kid.

Service was worse than the food (waiting time, chow-bin face etc etc, point-blank ignoring of customers calling for service) but I didn'treally care because I was hungry and there for the food.  

I just ate halfway and then told the "manager" that the food is so bad it's unbelievable. Why is this joke of a restaurant even still open? The only thing ok about it was the coleslaw. Even the black pepper sauce was bland with a burnt taste.

19 May 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Please change your slogan bcos yur food suckxxx...

Hi everybody, Just to share my experience of this BBQ chicken outlet in downtown east. I would never ever reccommend this place to anybody. The food there is a total turn off and the prices damn to good for the kind of crap which they call food over there.

We orderd 3 dished in total and all there were disasterous... First (CHICKEN AGLIO OLIO) its was a dish which look extremely terrible, like a leftover from someone else's plate. Afew strips of dry chicken and afew mushrooms to add on.. the taste was bad and the portion of the food was way too low for the price.

Second (Jamaican jerk), any jerk can puke over that dish and they even stated in the menu its spicy. But the taste was so blunt and to add their side dish (OLIVE RICE - so called signature dish) was a total turn off. i Just wonder whether the chefs who are preparing all dishes know wat r they cooking.

Last (HOT HOT DRUMS) was a dish that i thot tasty turned out to be a turn off. It jus 2 chicken drums deep fried and coated with a chilli sauce. It was a terrible dish and so fake looking food prior to their description on the menu.

I am writing this review not criticise this eatery but to let the public know that the food they serve is horrible. And to add on their price is a killer. People out there can get good food from a coffe shop or a hawker centre. Please do not waste your money. Its called Korea no.1 chicken but i think they shud change it to Korea's worst chicken and food in singapore.. Please wake up your ideas and serve good food to public who spends so much of time and money to eat at your eatries.. Please review yur serving portion (terrible), taste (horrible and fake) and most important please review your pricing (Killer). The price of yur food and the taste of your food doesnt tally. For myself BBQ chicken is last place people ever want to walk in in a event of famish or crisis.. Bcos they serve JUNK food for the price of resturant standards.