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Review for Bedrock Bar & Grill


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Address: #01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, 96 Somerset Road, 238163

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17 Nov 2011 • 187 Reviews • 10 Followers

Rocking experience...

My 1st time here and thought it was truly wonderful! We got there early so had a drink outside. The bar service was not that impressive, it was as quick as a snail. That got us a bit apprehensive about the dinner...

As we walked into the restaurant, I just loved the decor. It's so cosy and intimate and yet not formal. I understand why some reviewers said it was good for 1st date. I have to say it's probably one of the few restaurants here that I thought the decor and the ambience were well put together.

As usual, as soon as we sat down, then came the question of what type of water and the arrival of bread. The bread was freshly made pita. You can see it being roll out by a chef at the counter. It is served with roast garlic and butter. Luckily or unluckily, the bread wasn't like wow so that saved us room for the proper food.

I was toying with the idea of onion soup and a smaller portion of main since I am not a big eater. All the steaks are too big for me to eat alone - 12oz minimum size whereas I normally eat 6oz! So I was enquiring about which would be a better option - the steak diane or the roast chicken. The waiter then pointed it out to me that the "steak diane" was in fact an vegetarian dish. The steak was mushroom. Duh! I didn't see that steak written as "steak". Anyhow, he said if I wanted steak, then try out one of the proper ones. I explained it to him that I don't eat a lot so he suggested one of the US steak. However, when I told him that I only eat grass fed beef, he came up with a very good suggestion - we order the 500g t-bone so we could split us amongst the two of us, since my husband was going to have a steak anyway!

I have to say this sort of suggestion comes rarely in restaurants here as most of them are really just "order taking type of waiters" rather than "knowing how to help and serve type of waiters". We were suitably impressed by that. Then, came another good impression - wine of the months tasting before ordering! They have 3 red available and we could try them before deciding which is to order. What a great idea! So we ended up ordering two different types of red and both of us were just happy.

The steak came and it was split into the tenderloin for me and the striploin for my husband. It was well cooked and seasoned. I do enjoy grass fed beef a lot and that's the only type I will cook at home. It's rare to have the grass fed choice in restaurant, specially those who claim themselves as steakhouse - too much US beef influence! We had broccolini and fries as the sides and they were equally tasty. It was one of the few meals that I really enjoyed.

Last but not least, the pudding. Sadly, I was so full up so we just ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream to clear the palate. I would love to go back to try out the apple crumble as recommended by others.

Bedrock is one of the better steakhouses in town. Prices are so reasonable and i will not hesitate to choose this place rather than those "well recognized" and more popular steak houses.

Average Spend
$240 for 2 pax
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