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Review for Bedrock Bar & Grill


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05 Jul 2010 • 216 Reviews • 29 Followers

Friendly service, good steak

I was a little apprehensive about dining at Bedrock, because the reviews I'd read made the restaurant seem like more style than substance. But I was pleasantly surprised. The food at Bedrock, especially the steaks, were well done. I can recommend pretty much every thing I tried, from the bone marrow (sinfully rich), the US rib eye (I think) with truffle butter (very sinful but probably missable if you opt for the bearnaise sauce). The service was also friendly and personable, with the staff seeming genuinely interested in having conversations with you. The ambience of the restaurant is very dark wood panelling, but not in an intimidating way. The banquettes are especially cosy. Price wise, you'll probably end up paying less here than you would at a place like Morton's, but still have an excellent hunk of meat.

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