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Address: #01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, 96 Somerset Road, 238163

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31 Jul 2011 • 3 Reviews • 0 Follower

high aspirations...Black Angus reality

Due to the outstanding reviews on HGW, we selected Bedrock over the tried and true high-end steakhouses. Two steaks each, two sides, and wine come to S$360. Would have been average/ok except to two major problems: service and food.

Service: The worst part of the evening. Given menu then waitress later come back and asked us what we wanted. Seriously? no explanation of specials, no recommendations? We had to ask if there was anything that was recommended, and then given a very rushed statement for lady only, with no reason why it was recommended. I first thought that we had a trainee waitress and she didn't know any better, but halfway through the night, the table next to us sat down and were given a warm welcome and full discussion of the menu. I didn't need a show-and-tell like Morton's but Sizzler-like service is inexcusable at this price. No attention throughout the rest of the evening, until they presented us with the bill (while we were still trying to enjoy the last of our wine). We didn't ask for the bill, and were clearly being pushed to leave. No thank you, no nothing when the bill came back. On our way out we noticed it wasn't full and there wasn't anyone waiting in the drinks area. I was incredibly surprised of this rude abruptness and overall negligence of the evening

Food: More surprised by the poor steak. We had a US rib-eye and Aussie rib-eye. They didn't look like the same cut. The Aussie looked like a big block of meet, whilst the US looked like a traditional rib-eye cut. The Aussie brick was difficult to cut, chewy. It was an unpleasant eating experience. The US piece was tender and good to eat. The macaroni and cheese was also good. After struggling to cut the brick, I queried with one of the staff that was running by why the Aussie rib-eye didn't look like a rib-eye cut. Apparently they have their own special cut? A clear explanation wasn't given, but if we had had waitress who was at least partially thoughtful, that could have been explained in the beginning.

We also ordered wine, but there was no information given to us about the wines. They didn't bother asking us if we wanted coffee at the end of the evening. Just gave us the check.

My advice: If you must...only go for lunch and only order the Mac Cheese, but expect third rate service that doesn't match what they aspire to be. Better Advice: If you are on a budget, go to a budget steakhouse listed in HGW website, you will pay a fraction of the price, and won't feel cheated after the meal. If you have a high budget and want grill luxury, go to Morton's. I haven't tried CUTS, but heard they know how to please. Sorry, I want to support locals...but these guys don't cut it.

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$360 for 2 pax
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