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Review for Bedrock Bar & Grill


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27 Nov 2010 • 56 Reviews • 3 Followers

Better value than Morton

I would not say that Morton was not good, Morton will still top on my list ofor good steak. However, if I have a budget constraint and is craving for good steak, I will go to Bedrock.

A 200g beef tenderloin at $69. You have to pay to add sides, or sauce or toppings.

Beef was juicy and tender, and 200g was just nice for me. 400g will be an overkill and will result in diminishing marginal return.

Dessert was normal. Nothing to shout about.

Wine was great and compliment the steak.

Service wise, waitress was nervous, but friendly. Manager was a bit stiff though.

For photographers, they allow cameras, but I was scolded by the table next to me for the strong flash! Oops


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Dinner, Quiet
Average Spend
$400 for 2 pax
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