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Top Must Try Dishes
Smoked Tomato Soup5 votes
Macaroni cheese3 votes
all the various cuts of meat.3 votes
tenderloin3 votes

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Suitable For
Dinner38 votes
Romance/First Dates27 votes
Lunch25 votes
After Work18 votes
Wine Lists17 votes
Business Dining16 votes
Girls Night Out16 votes
Quiet16 votes
Boys Night Out15 votes
Large Groups/Gathering12 votes
Private Dining12 votes
Hidden Find11 votes
Fine Dining10 votes
Chillout7 votes
Anniversary5 votes
Vibrant/Noisy5 votes
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining4 votes
Corporate Events4 votes
Children/Family3 votes

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What others are saying...

Joey Meow
 • 23 Jun 2010 48 reviews 5 followers
I was so lucky to be invited over for dinner by a sweet friend JY.  As I am a lazy person with short legs, I must and have to park in the same building.

I find the place a little too dim for a restaurant... or maybe my age is catching up...oh well.

For starters, i had the Smoked Tomato Soup - $12 

This is seriously yummy, especially if you like tomato... slurp~~ 

JY had a shot of Glendronach 12yrs with soda

For the mains,

I did the Prime Black Angus Tenderloin (medium) with Bearnaise sauce - $49 

Yummy, juicy and very tasty. Although just 200g, the portion is a bit too much for me.  Maybe i should had just ordered this and gave my soup a miss.

JY, had a Crispy Skin Barramundi  - $30

The fish comes with olives, caper berries and tomatoes..  Good for a fish lover.  The skin is really crispy and the meat tender.

You should have guess by now that we have no room for desserts ...but we manage to wash down our food with more of the Glendronach 12yrs.  This is really a nice single malt whisky...i dont really know where else this is available thou

To sum up...there is really one last time i need to say, the staff here are all superstars... fantastic service and does not rush you through your meal even though we are one of their last customers to leave.... thumbs up to them!!!

Oh response to my title, after hours parking that is the per entry is $10....

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I spent $99 per person.

Must tries: The steak selection

I also recommend this place for:
Lunch, Dinner, Romance/First Dates, Business Dining, Fine Dining, Girls Night Out, After Work, Private Dining, Chillout, Quiet, Wine Lists

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Peter Rabbit
 • 30 May 2010 1 review 0 follower
We had a wonderful meal here one Sat evening. The food and wine were great but we were most impressed with the service. The staff were attentive, knowledgeable and efficient.

We would recommend this restaurant to anyone and we would certainly come back again

Sorry, but good service is hard to find on the island so when you do find it, we should all enjoy it!

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 • 21 Apr 2010 420 reviews 32 followers
I finally made it to lunch at Bedrock Bar & Grill… one year late but better late than never. Located at the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, the newly crowned “best new restaurant for 2010” by Singapore Tatler certainly lives up to its title. As a single malt drinker, I couldn’t help but notice the wall of whisky bottles as I entered the restaurant. I was told the collection comprises premium whiskies sourced from all over the world, and lockers are available if I wished to purchase a bottle to leave at the restaurant for my future visits.

 The clever use of wood and concrete, along with hanging pots and pans decorating the open kitchen area, created a cosy and warm ambience that is unpretentious yet sophisticated. Looks aside, what matters is the food. We were on to a great start with the appetisers -- smoked tomato soup ($12) and whisky trout salad ($18). The tomato soup packed a punch, thanks to the applewood-smoked tomatoes that gave it the extra flavours. The house cured ocean trout was tasty without being too salty and came served on a bed of mesclun leaves, pine nuts and orange slices, topped with single malt dressing. The warm flat bread served with fresh olive oil dip and roasted garlic bulbs on the side has definitely set new standards for garlic bread.

 Moving on to the mains, it was all about meat! The dry aged strip loin (something you can find only at good steak houses, $68 for 250g) was delicious with the special Bedrock chilli oil. There are three other sauces available with the grilled meat dishes - pinot noir reduction, classic béarnaise and hot whisky mustard. For a non-beef option, we also tried the slow roasted pork belly with bourbon mustard sauce ($25).

 For desserts, we went for a double whammy with the apple crumble for two ($20) and the apple tart tartin (only available as part of the set lunch, $35 for three courses). Delectable as it may be, I wished there was more crumble. As for tart tartin, it is hard to go wrong when you combine caramelised apple with a puff pastry.

 Bedrock, as the name suggests, is all about the fundamentals. I think this joint is on its way to big success if it continues offering consistently good food with great service.

-- Marie Choo
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