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Address: #01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, 96 Somerset Road, 238163

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13 Oct 2015

Stellar service but average food

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Bedrock Smoked Tomato Soup ($16). Delicious tomato soup with a distinctive smokey flavour. The server was so kind to arrange for the soup to be separated when he heard that we were sharing.

Chopped Steak Burger ($38). Prime beef, bacon, fried egg, mustard barbecue sauce, oak-smoked aged cheddar and fries. The boyfriend thought the beef burger was good but not as good as those he tried in New York. But I guess it is tough to beat the beef in US!

Applewood Grilled Chicken ($38). Boneless baby chicken, roasted celeriac, and white truffle butter. The white truffle butter (that slab you see sitting on the chicken) was very interesting and fragrant. However, the chicken was a little dry at some parts. It is incredibly tough to find good tender grilled chicken!

The service at Bedrock Bar and Grill was attentive and prompt. I have nothing but praise for the crew at Bedrock. Food-wise, there were hits and misses but really nothing much to scream about. I will come back using the Entertainer App but it is unlikely that I will make an effort to return to Bedrock Bar and Grill just for the food. I feel almost bad for saying this but ah, wonderful service sadly does not make up for mediocre food.
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Excellent Dining Experience

It was my wife's birthday and I booked a table.

We were greeted at the entrance and quickly shown to our seats. I like the internal decor and the lighting is just right for a nice romantic dinner.

Then the waiter came and patiently explained the menu to us. Very impressed with his knowledge in the menu items and I took all of his recommendations:

1) Wood smoked tomato soup

2) Waygu beef tenderlion with 4 sauces

3) Grilled pork belly

4) Some imported bean

5) A bottle of red wine from Napa Valley

6) A slice of chocolate fudge cake (complimentary birthday item)

The food was near to excellent though my wife found the steak a bit too salty (I think it's the whisky mustard sauce).

What impressed me most is the service. The service staff were friendly and knowledgeable.


In short, it was a wonderful experience, the complimentary bread is freshly baked (taste excellent) The steaks were juicy and tender, nicely cooked to the correct texture both of us wanted. My partner - Australian Ribeye Myself - US Tenderloin Good portion. The ambience is nice. The service was "too good". Too much attention from everyone checking if "Everything was OK". We had, 1x Soup for starter (shared, as we are small eater) 2x Steaks 1x Fries for side (shared, again) Spend = less than $140 in total.

Rock on, Bedrock!

Celebrated my bf's birthday with a birthday lunch at Bedrock. I am a fan of Oriole, so it’s no surprise that I turned to its upmarket sister restaurant, Bedrock for this special occasion.

The interior looks nothing like a caveman's abode but a classy NY steakhouse. Lightly dim and cozy but in a non-intimating way, it is versatile for a quiet dinner for two or a friendly group gathering. We decided on a lunch instead of dinner, since it offers a highly economical set lunch at SGD 35++ per pax, with a good selection to choose from.

We started off with their nicely warmed flat bread that is accompanied with a fragrant garlic clove and butter. It is like garlic bread but in a deconstructed way. Kudos to them for deviating from the regular olive oil and balsamic vinegar combi. The bread is a worthy mention by itself - soft and fluffy, it is easy on the jaw. I can eat this everyday for breakfast.

Next, we warmed our tummies with the Bedrock Smoked Tomato Soup. Made with Roma tomatoes, it definitely lives up to its name with that smoky and tangy flavour, that whets your appetite for more to come. Basically, comfort food at its best. The Panko Caesar comes with a nicely poached egg, bacon strips and large flakes of Parmesan cheese. It could get slightly salty after one too many bites though.

My bf chose the Steak Frites, which was a tender portion of striploin that comes with a thin rim of fat for added texture and done to our medium-rare liking. Love the fries, which have this truffle tinge to it. I went with the Crispy Skin Seabass. Crackling on the outside and sweet on the insides, it was coupled nicely with the tomatoes chunks and olives underneath it.

The waiter recommended Red Wine Pear and Bedrock Ice Cream Sandwich for desserts and they definitely rocked! The former was an interesting dessert with flavours that fully compliment each other. The latter was salted caramel ice cream sandwiched between macadamia nut biscuit, which was a truly beautiful combination. I am a fan of salted caramel to begin with, so I’m sold on it.

The staffs there are extremely professional and possess good knowledge of their dishes, which aid in offering recommendations or when introducing their menu. Their friendliness and warmth provides this personalized touch, which at times may be lacking at good restaurants.

For photos, pls go to


After eating at its neighbour Oriole's, and hearing that it was ran by the same person, I decided I had to try bedrock.

I went down for dinner, the place was dark but warmly lit by orange hues of lamps. Ambience was excellent as expected. The kitchen had already started work and fragrance of ham and seasoned meat flitted through as we walked past it. This ignited my appetite

Anyway! MAC and CHEESE! must must try really yummy the cheese has a hint of blu cheese in it and other cheese that blands to produce a texture that is melty creamy mozarella. The bacon in cheese dip another must try.

Oh and soup! excellent french onion soup with cheese blasted on top and a toast floating right at the top.

SO as you can tell I LOVE CHEESE and bedrock sure maximised its potential :D

For mains I had a steak - regretted could not finish due to heavy entree.

Lastly I ordered a lemon tossed bowl of rockets to clear up the flavours.

An interesting meal but not something I would wish to eat everydya.

Pricing is very reasonable as mac and cheese was approx 15bucks?

Steak at 55 bucks?

Soup at 8 bucks as well?

Not exorbitant no doubt.

goody! can try! especially if you love cheese

Bedrock ....... Will it be THE steak house in Singapore

Bedrock Bar & Grill is another Keith Loh’s brainchild that tries to share the pie among the better steak houses in Singapore. The name, Bedrock, would let many connect with the cartoon Flintstone and I expected a cliché Stone Age theme restaurant. However, the whole time I was in the restaurant, I did not feel like Flintstone inside a cave home at all. The place is warm, casual and comfortably spacious.

As I stepped into the restaurant, the bar tender was quick to usher me to a bar stool as soon as he knew that the rest of my party had not arrive. The waiters were quick in getting me to order a pre-dinner drink just to kill my waiting time, however, HY arrived in time to “rescue” me before I start ordering my drink. But don’t get me wrong, they were not pushy and I think I’ll really have a “kill-time” drink if I would have arrived 10 minutes earlier. I’ll rather have a drink at the cool, yet cozy bar then to wait alone at the dinner table.

A short narrow passage opens up into the dining area where you’ll be welcomed by the open worktable where the chefs were busy preparing and arranging our dinner. The dining area was adorned with dim cozy light and the chefs’ worktable was lighted up with more intensity for obvious reasons. What caught my eye on the worktable was the leg of ham, reddish and laced with fats. I recognized it as the Jamon Iberico. It’s the “revered” Spanish ham that is mentioned by Peter Kaminsky in his book, “Perfect Pig”. The interior décor is not as Stone Age as I expected. The only hint of anything cave-like is the 3 intentionally created “enclaves” that are use as private dining areas.

Complimentary Pre-dinner Carbo - The complimentary pre-dinner carbo needs a mention. This baked dough looked like roti prata disguising as a naan. It tasted well with the butter, but especially appetizing with garlic immersed in olive oil. We asked for another serving which took some time because everyone’s asking for more

Roma Tomato Soup - All of us had the Roma Tomato Soup, which I think was pretty good. Although I must admit that my friend’s comment about the soup tasting a bit like BBQ sauce quite true.


'Ham & Cheese' Our Way (S$45), Shaved Jamon Iberico, aged manchego, quince paste. – As you would expect, this dish was on my table. The Jamon Iberico is widely revered because in Spain ham makers still believe in the traditional process of curing the ham for 3~4 years with corn fed hogs. This “pedigree” hog, Iberico, is a much fatter species that enables the curing process to last that long. Many big ham names have reduced curing to 6 months curing just to get the ham out to the market as soon as possible. This ham having been subjected to a longer curing period, resulted in a more complex taste than some other hams that I had!

The Mains

Twice Cooked Duck (S$36), Crispy duck leg, parsnip puree, poached black mission figs - The duck skin is crispy and the meat inside still tender and sweet. The manager recommends this dish for the non-steak mains.

US Striploin (S$68), meyer angus dry aged striploin 250g – For the leaner cut, striploin is the best, apart from the more expensive tenderloin. Expect be dry as there’s lesser fats in the meat. For big portions, the striploin can feel dryer as you work on your steak.

Australian Ribeye (S$42) 250g – The tenderloin from Australia is much juicier than the US striploin (photo is blurred so nothing to show here).

The French red that we order off the winelist goes well with our food. From my observation of us folks that ordered steaks, we’ll definitely pay Morton’s a visit soon for a benchmarking.


Apple crumble with ice cream – This is indeed a good recommendation by the manager. The apple crumble was worth the 20mins wait. Buttery crust and soft, but not overly sweet apple filling.

The Dark Side, Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cake – Another good dessert but the apple crumble outshines this chocolate cake.

Cafe Latte and Cappuccinos – Our dinner ends with some café latte and cappuccinos. I'm glad we ordered them. I came to know only later that these must be among the best gourmet coffees in Singapore. the No. 1 and 2 barrista that emerge from the Singapore Barrista Championship 2009, are John Ting and Keith Loh. John Ting is the assistant manager at Oriole Cafe (right beside Bedrock) and Keith Loh is the owner of Bedrock. The thick creamy milk tasted real good with the espresso. I’m glad that to have good café lattes in F&B places that I’ve visited recently.

I'm quite glad that the interior decor wasn't pushed right to the edge just to fit the name Bedrock. Otherwise, I'll be expecting exotic dinosaur steak?

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