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Address: #01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, 96 Somerset Road, 238163

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28 Dec 2015

Decent Value Steak Set Lunches

We were craving steak but didn't fancy splurging at Morton's so dropped by Bedrock Bar & Grill for their steak set lunch since we happened to be in town during the weekend.

The interior isn't anything too fancy and sports wooden furniture, halogen lamps and a partially open concept kitchen with an island top and lots of overhanging pots and pans where you can view your bread being kneaded and baked. Window blinds provide cover from the adjacent pedestrian walkway. Overall a pretty cosy place if you happen to secure one of the booth seats.

Complimentary Flat Bread - Served with a clove of roasted garlic and butter, the piping hot flat bread came fresh out of the oven; warm, chewy and reminiscent of naan.

Classic Lobster Bisque - Relatively rich but salty even with the rather amount of chive cream, the lobster bisque boasted no lobster meat and the dubious honour of pairing best with a glass of water.

Confit Corned Chicken - This tasted like the chicken version of duck confit (duh!), just a touch more moist and a little less salty and flavourful. Accompanied by a sunny side up and crunchy, mildly salty sausages. Overall a very palatable dish but nothing to go wow over.

Woodfire Grilled Sirloin - At $58++ for the steak set lunch, this was pretty good. Relatively flavourful with a touch of salt and done medium as per my request. Meat was tender but not as juicy as I would have liked it to be. Topped with a creamy Bearnaise sauce and a side of slick and buttery mashed potato. Bread Street Kitchen, Morton's and Ruth Chris still does a meaner piece of steak but for the price, I really can't compare or complain.

Sticky Stout & Toffee Pudding - This dessert was pretty interesting - A scoop of gingernut ice cream (not a fan of ginger but this was pretty mild) plopped atop a rather sweet toffee pudding with a significant stout aftertaste. To counter the sweetness, tart red berries were placed alongside. Decent finish to our meal.

HGW happened to be running a promotion during that period so we got $10 off each set lunch ($28++ for non steak and $48++ for the steak variant). Food quality came across as decent (steak was a notch above that) and so did service. I'm honestly not inclined to return, given that Bistro Du Vin does a reasonably good steak for lunch as well and offers a more compelling value proposition in my humble opinion.

See all my pictures here.

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Bedrock ....... Will it be THE steak house in Singapore

Bedrock Bar & Grill is another Keith Loh’s brainchild that tries to share the pie among the better steak houses in Singapore. The name, Bedrock, would let many connect with the cartoon Flintstone and I expected a cliché Stone Age theme restaurant. However, the whole time I was in the restaurant, I did not feel like Flintstone inside a cave home at all. The place is warm, casual and comfortably spacious.

As I stepped into the restaurant, the bar tender was quick to usher me to a bar stool as soon as he knew that the rest of my party had not arrive. The waiters were quick in getting me to order a pre-dinner drink just to kill my waiting time, however, HY arrived in time to “rescue” me before I start ordering my drink. But don’t get me wrong, they were not pushy and I think I’ll really have a “kill-time” drink if I would have arrived 10 minutes earlier. I’ll rather have a drink at the cool, yet cozy bar then to wait alone at the dinner table.

A short narrow passage opens up into the dining area where you’ll be welcomed by the open worktable where the chefs were busy preparing and arranging our dinner. The dining area was adorned with dim cozy light and the chefs’ worktable was lighted up with more intensity for obvious reasons. What caught my eye on the worktable was the leg of ham, reddish and laced with fats. I recognized it as the Jamon Iberico. It’s the “revered” Spanish ham that is mentioned by Peter Kaminsky in his book, “Perfect Pig”. The interior décor is not as Stone Age as I expected. The only hint of anything cave-like is the 3 intentionally created “enclaves” that are use as private dining areas.

Complimentary Pre-dinner Carbo - The complimentary pre-dinner carbo needs a mention. This baked dough looked like roti prata disguising as a naan. It tasted well with the butter, but especially appetizing with garlic immersed in olive oil. We asked for another serving which took some time because everyone’s asking for more

Roma Tomato Soup - All of us had the Roma Tomato Soup, which I think was pretty good. Although I must admit that my friend’s comment about the soup tasting a bit like BBQ sauce quite true.


'Ham & Cheese' Our Way (S$45), Shaved Jamon Iberico, aged manchego, quince paste. – As you would expect, this dish was on my table. The Jamon Iberico is widely revered because in Spain ham makers still believe in the traditional process of curing the ham for 3~4 years with corn fed hogs. This “pedigree” hog, Iberico, is a much fatter species that enables the curing process to last that long. Many big ham names have reduced curing to 6 months curing just to get the ham out to the market as soon as possible. This ham having been subjected to a longer curing period, resulted in a more complex taste than some other hams that I had!

The Mains

Twice Cooked Duck (S$36), Crispy duck leg, parsnip puree, poached black mission figs - The duck skin is crispy and the meat inside still tender and sweet. The manager recommends this dish for the non-steak mains.

US Striploin (S$68), meyer angus dry aged striploin 250g – For the leaner cut, striploin is the best, apart from the more expensive tenderloin. Expect be dry as there’s lesser fats in the meat. For big portions, the striploin can feel dryer as you work on your steak.

Australian Ribeye (S$42) 250g – The tenderloin from Australia is much juicier than the US striploin (photo is blurred so nothing to show here).

The French red that we order off the winelist goes well with our food. From my observation of us folks that ordered steaks, we’ll definitely pay Morton’s a visit soon for a benchmarking.


Apple crumble with ice cream – This is indeed a good recommendation by the manager. The apple crumble was worth the 20mins wait. Buttery crust and soft, but not overly sweet apple filling.

The Dark Side, Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cake – Another good dessert but the apple crumble outshines this chocolate cake.

Cafe Latte and Cappuccinos – Our dinner ends with some café latte and cappuccinos. I'm glad we ordered them. I came to know only later that these must be among the best gourmet coffees in Singapore. the No. 1 and 2 barrista that emerge from the Singapore Barrista Championship 2009, are John Ting and Keith Loh. John Ting is the assistant manager at Oriole Cafe (right beside Bedrock) and Keith Loh is the owner of Bedrock. The thick creamy milk tasted real good with the espresso. I’m glad that to have good café lattes in F&B places that I’ve visited recently.

I'm quite glad that the interior decor wasn't pushed right to the edge just to fit the name Bedrock. Otherwise, I'll be expecting exotic dinosaur steak?

For more details and photos, see -

good but expensive - worth a try once

so we are regulars at les bouchons (LB) too (ann siang hill preferred) but someone said we should try this place.

food: tenderloin was excellent, melt in your mouth, proper bearnaise (les bouchons COME ON make your own), cauliflower gratin and spinach excellent. fries good but COME ON BEDROCK - copy LB and make it unlimited - will it cost you $5 to do that? desert choc cakey thing that wife chose was ok. good wine at $15/glass. starter bread with garlic was a class touch and excellent too.

ambience/service: like everyone says ny steakhouse, very good lighting, great little booths for 2. really excellent service - server described cuts of meat, service was 10/10 not too attentive, prompt, water refilled etc etc - world class.

value: $240 for 2 steaks, 1 fries, 2 sides, 1 desert, no starters, 4 glasses of wine (yes we were bad).........hmmmmmm......cost at LB i guess $150 max.......hmmmmmm........was it worth it - not sure.

will we come back? - not sure - maybe for a change of scenery 1x a year but LB is not threatened and this is expensive - maybe relying on its orchard road location/tourists etc - it was 90% full thursday nite. oh yes you guys were right music was a bit odd - but we didnt notice it after a while.

NY styled

Had dinner over a slow Friday evening recently with wifey and a friend there after hearing so much about this place. It is set up in the form of a typical NY style steakhouse, the dark and woody deco gives the place the spot on image it is going for.

I think enough been said about the food. It's a steakhouse, so we all come for the meat though the 3 of us enjoyed the starters of the Hokkaido scallops ($32) and the tomato soup ($12). For the cuts of the meat, we had the tenderloin ($48), the ribeye ($88) and the T bone ($65). The staff (Kevin, I believe) was very good with his recommendations. The ribeye though was slightly fat but when we indicated that the tenderloin was a bit too raw for our liking, another serving was presented without any fuss.

We also ordered the mac and cheese (excellent at $8.50), shoestring fries ($6.50) and rocket salad ($6.50) as sides. For the sauces we had the whiskey mustard (very good without being overpowering), chilli something (too spicy), classic herbal thingy (very creamy) and red wine sauce (nothing too spectacular). They were really nice enough to bring the additional sauces for us to try and being left on the side, it allowed us to determine how much of it we want, as it should be.

Had the apple crumble ($15) for desserts and though it is not exactly huge, after the heavy meal we had, it was just right.

Basically, really enjoyed the place, been trying to hunt down good steakhouses in town and would gladly add this to the very limited list. The staff were friendly and competent, and like what some of you here mentioned, volunteered the information on the additional 10% on Citi cards. We had a nice easy slow dinner from 7 to around 10 at no time did we feel rushed. And despite the restaurant being full, the staff were always attentive and ready to notice your call.

Do try to make reservations though and get there early for some pre-dinner drinks, the whiskey sour is fantastic and does set the evening up nicely. A portion of the bill included the numerous drinks we had too though there are no Ale or dark beer available. Usual fare like Tiger and Heineken .

rock on

Located at the Pan Pacific Suites, this dark wooden dining area may be new but it has certainly gathered its fair share of following.

While I was waiting for friends to arrive, I manage to enjoy some calming slow rock music that nearly put me to bed.

Down to the food, I went with the set lunch. I started with the Smoked Tomato Soup which was tasty and rich, the way I like it.

For my main course I had the Bedrock Pepper Steak, done medium rare. Starting with the fries, I liked its crispiness. The steak was a little small but the quality of the beef was of a relatively good angus sirloin, although I wished I could have had a little more beef.

On Panerai's recommendation, I also tried some pasta infused cream pasta - a simple but very addictive dish.

Dessert was a Calamansi Pie which was a nice tinge of sweet and sour to end the meal. Overall, this is a hidden find in town where one can hide for a after work beer and still enjoy pretty good grub.

Le Bouchons is better I think

It's been a while since I've felt the need to write a review, because most of the places I have been to recently have been somewhat blah.

But as I walked ino Bedrock, there was this tiny spark of excitment (the feeling that you just might have discovered a new and good place). The owner looked up and smiled "Welcome to Bedrock" when I entered, the waitress chimed "Welcome back", when I got back from the ladies. Oh I so wanted to like this place. I so wanted to be able to add it to my list of places to come after work and enjoy some wine and good food.

But honestly, the food was only just ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beat chest and wail!!

I think that a good piece of steak requires fat. Not globules, but fat well marbled across the steak to provide that additional juiciness and ommph. Bedrock's steak lacked that inner structure and therefore felt like a cut of meat you could get from Cold Storage instead of say, Espirito Santo. My friend had a better cut, the 200g wagyu, but that was priced at S$90 and still tasted like my Cold Storage ribeye.

I had the apple crumble for dessert (the dessert I eat anywhere and everywhere) and thought it overpriced. At S$15, I certaintly expected more than a small dish with 1 scoop of ice cream and some crumble. The three layers of ice cream, crumble and apple slices did not jell well together, probably because the ice cream was too cold and the crumble and apple slices insufficient to provide a counter balance.

All in all, I think you can get better food at Le Bouchons at 30% cheaper. Or if you have a nice girdled skillet at home, you might want to just buy the meat from Espirito and cook it yourself for less than S$20.