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Dinner38 votes
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What others are saying...

Joshua Ong
 • 29 Mar 2010 55 reviews 8 followers
In spite of glowing reviews, I'd never heard of this place until I stepped into it for lunch with 3 colleagues.  Maybe that's because I've never been much of a steak fan: why pay so much for something I can quite easily make on my own with a good hunk of meat?  And if you think about it, steak is usually a monotonous dish - you keep chewing on the same piece of meat for say, half an hour, with perhaps only occasional bites of sides like fries or some vague salad.

Having said that, I liked the warm, contemporary setting of this place.  It was cosy and homely, even though some of the tables were a tad close to each other.  You can almost imagine yourself in a trendy New York neighbourhood, that is if you don't happen to look out the part-blinded windows to see the heavy foot traffic to 313 Somerset!

We all chose the set lunch ($35), which gives one the choice from a list of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts.  I had no hesitations about choosing the porcini ravioli to start.  This is a challenge for most cooks to get right, and I was going to judge them on the basis of this dish and not my main :-)  While waiting, we got to try the bread served with whole cloves of garlic.  A first for me: the flat bread scored points for being warm, but wasn't fragrant enough.  I garlic was soaked in a small dish of olive oil, but again, I felt that it lacked taste.  If they want to serve bread this way, they should source for the freshest, most aromatic garlic!

Happily enough, I wasn't disappointed with the starter, and would even say that this was better than my main.  The porcini (a type of mushroom with woody, heady overtones) in the ravioli was very fine and extremely well-seasoned, and cooked just nice; the parmigiano shavings and the truffle sauce were the perfect companion to it.  Ok, so it's very rich and sinful, but I have absolutely no qualms about putting on the extra calories for a treat like that! 

For the mains, we could choose between a steak, a lamb rib and grilled salmon.  The waiter took pains to explain the cooking style behind each choice.  I was certainly not going to choose the steak frites, which is the most basic thing any bistro in France would have on its menu.  Anyway how else can you cook steak, besides grilling and frying??  Thus I opted for the lamb rib.  Admittedly, I wasn't too keen on the sound of the accompanying BBQ sauce, but we were told it was smoked with real hickory wood.  When it came, the lamb was tender and meaty, just a little charred on the outside as is the trend nowadays.  The sauce didn't have the cheap industrial taste either, but was deep and earthy, making it a good complement to the meat.  I had a bite of the steak option just to satisfy my curiosity.  Done medium rare, it was fairly tender, but had been cut too thin for my liking and lacked oomph.

I don't recall the name of my dessert.  It looked terribly plain, like a chocolate swiss roll on a sea of crème anglaise.  However, it tasted a lot better than it looked: the chocolate cake was dense and packed some real chocolate taste; the sauce was a little thin and insipid, but passable. 

No complaints about the service, which was true to the spirit of the place: friendly and casual, helpful when questioned.  All in all, this was a fairly good experience and I wouldn't mind coming back again on occasion. 

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I spent $45 per person.

Must tries: Porcini ravioli

I also recommend this place for:
Lunch, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Romance/First Dates, Boys Night Out, Girls Night Out, After Work, Quiet

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 • 29 Mar 2010 17 reviews 0 follower
Tried this for the first time during Restaurant Week; had heard about it some and quite like it.

The food and service were v good. Steak is their specialty and I felt their menu showcases their specialities well. The applewood smoked tomato soup was delicious and unique, though I was more than a tad disappointed that they clearly gave us a half-portion. Could it really be that expensive?? At least they could or should switch the serving bowl.

The grass-fed ribeye was good - the manager was chatting with me when it arrived, so it wasn't piping hot when I actually ate it, which makes a difference. Still tasted good though, and I appreciated the thin slice (though not the guys, I guess). Fries were good but not as good as I'd have thought given the preceding reviews.

Dessert was a dark Valrhona choc cake which was yummy; tough to go wrong with this but it was good anyway. Given how other reviews rave about the apple pie, I'd have liked that to be on the menu instead - yes, even in place of my beloved choc!

They had some a la carte options that looked intriguing - whole roast lamb etc that'd be great for sharing with a group. They also offered roasted bone marrow with parsley, which I'd like to try, along with the apple pie.

So yes, I'd prob be back to try more!

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I spent $29 per person.

Must tries: The steak selection

I also recommend this place for:
Supper, Lunch, Dinner, Romance/First Dates, Business Dining, Boys Night Out, Girls Night Out, After Work, Chillout

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 • 27 Mar 2010 137 reviews 26 followers
Dining in a high quality restaurant is generally an expensive matter, except during Restaurant Week from 22nd - 28th of March.

Having been to Oriole more than a couple of times, I’d always fantasized and hoped for a chance to dine next door at Bedrock one of these days, especially after reading the various raves on HGW and I had been craving for meat since my trip to Morton’s in Feb. Finally, the perfect excuse came in the form of Restaurant Week, and I asked my sis if she was keen to check some steak out. So it happened. My 4th and final stop for Restaurant Week.

Now that 313@Somerset is opened and situated right next to Pan Pac Suites, the whole area was bustling with human traffic, unlike the previous time I was there last year when it was so much quieter.

As I was brought to our table, I walked through a bar-cum-waiting area, along a short narrow passage lighted with candles, past the open concept marble top counter with the kitchen behind it. The decor of the place had a semblance of a Western cowboy ranch.

Lunch Menu $25++


Bedrock Smoked Tomate Soup,

Applewood smoked Tomato Soup, basil Mascarpone


Grilled 150 days Grain Fed Ribeye Fillet Steak (150gr)

Handcut Fries, Black Pepper Sauce


The Dark Side

Valrhona 85% dark cacoa flourless cake, sour creme

Complimentary bread bore a striking resemblance to the Indian naan and was served with butter and a beheaded clove of garlic. I didn’t like the chalky exterior of the carbo and stopped after each bite into dipping into the various spread/dip/ tomato soup. My sis liked it very much that she finished hers and mine up.

After taking a sip of the much lauded Bedrock Smoked Tomato Soup, I must say I was rather disappointed. I didn’t really liked the sourish, smoky, tangy sapor to the soup. Needless to say, I disregarded it after that single sip.

The Ribeye steak was grilled perfectly to my request of medium rare. Thoroughly pink and tender with fine texture on the inside, the grain fed meat was competent and well marbled with fats. The straight cut fries were crispy and well-seasoned.

The Dark Side was presented on a white long plate as a slab of brownie which had a nice chewiness to the cake. One of the best chocolatey dessert I had in ages. Indeed, may the force be with me as I lost myself entirely while indulging in the sinful dessert. I wiped the entire plate clean.

Service was cautious and cordial. And I don’t blame the wait staff. They were pretty friendly at first until they saw that I was having a tiff with my sis and gave us space while we were busy sharpening our cat claws and snapping each other’s head off. They did come by to top up our choice of waters with polite smiles once they saw that the storm had blew over and we were chatting in our relaxed mode.

Although the overall experience had been pleasant but the reality was far from expectations with the copious eulogizing going on at HGW. I guess I may need to try other items from the menu before forming a more definitive opinion of the chophouse. I wouldn't mind another chance for Bedrock to impress me again.
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I spent $30 per person.

Must tries: Dark Side

I also recommend this place for:
Lunch, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Romance/First Dates, Business Dining, Boys Night Out, Girls Night Out, Quiet
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