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Review for Bedrock Bar & Grill


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Address: #01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, 96 Somerset Road, 238163

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23 Jul 2012 • 5 Reviews • 0 Follower

Not up to par for the prices charged.

As a frequent steak eater, I always seek out the best steak all over the world. Whether it is the chop houses in NY, Vlado's in Melbourne, or the parrilla's of Buenos Aires, I've spent a fair bit of time finding the hits and misses.

Unfortunately this restaurant is a miss. If it were priced at least 25% lower, the shortcomings MIGHT be understandable. Unfortunately with the pretence and prices of an upscale dining establishment, the faults just are too many - at this price point I expect good service and great food.

The waiter showed disdain when we declined to have a look at the wine menu. Whatever the reason for my not wishing to imbibe, that's my prerogative. Strike 1.

I think we had a special on the menu, a whole baked cheese. Not bad.

I had the 500gr Porterhouse and the missus had the 300gr USD ribeye. Both steaks displayed an inordinate amount of gristle. The ribeye missed that characteristic mouth feel and slightly mineral taste that good dry aged steaks have. Perhaps this steak was dry aged in the US and then cryovac'd before sending to Singapore before waiting who knows how long in the freezer, or vice versa. That's speculation, but the fact is that the steak was lacking in texture, taste, and displayed a complete lack of skill in trimming.

Upon alerting a waiter to the copious gristle (about 2 fingers worth of an adult man's hand on a 500gr steak is no joke), he examined the evidence on the plate, shrugged, offered a half sincere apology and said that he would "inform the kitchen".

Without any wine, 2 appetizers and 2 steaks and a side order or 2, I spent well over 300 SGD, and left feeling that there are much better places to experience steak in Singapore. The bang for your buck factor just isn't here, and you're better served going elsewhere IMHO. The food and the experience just isn't commensurate with the pricing.

The fact that the toilet is outside the restaurant, and shared with a raucous bar, is another negative - bar toilet hygiene and upscale dining just don't mix.

The only positives I have for this restaurant is that the fitout is quite interesting and the dark and intimate interior makes it ideal for dinners for two. Just a shame that the food and service doesn't match. Spend your money elsewhere.

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Romance/First Dates
Average Spend
$350 for 2 pax
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