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Review for Bedrock Bar & Grill


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29 Nov 2010 • 65 Reviews • 0 Follower


I have heard many a rave reviews about this place and been bugging J to go along with me. We finally paid Bedrock a visit last Saturday.I have not been to morton's so I have nothing to compare to. Price wise was reasonable (to me). We had US striploin, ribeye, duck fat potatoes, wagyu bone marrow and the Bedrock crumble for 2. We asked for our steaks to be done medium rare. My striploin turned out perfect, with pretty grilled marks on the surface and the inside still juicy and rare. Wow. That was all I said after taking the first bite. The ribeye was overcooked, the insides pink and towards well done. We considered to request for a change, but did not as we were in a slight rush. Duck fat potatoes were sinfully good. Fluffy potato cubes fried in duck fat. Yums. The bone marrow was a little disappointing. The portion was tiny. In addition, I thought that the spring onions were an overkill as they totally masked the taste of the bone marrow. I won't order it the next time round. Bedrock crumble for 2 was not bad, the walnut streusel added a crunch to the dessert but I preferred their waffles (which I had the night before). The place was very noisy and informal, which I kind of prefer as compared to a quiet and formal place where you can hear a pin drop. There is no problems having a conversation there and laughing your head off. Will definitely visit the place again.... soon!
Must Tries
Striploin, waffles
Recommended for
Lunch, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, After Work, Chillout, Vibrant/Noisy
Average Spend
$280 for 2 pax
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