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Review for Bedrock Bar & Grill


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07 Mar 2011 • 1 Review • 3 Followers

Worst Steak Ever

I went to have lunch at Bedrock this past weekend. I have been here once before but never remembered it being so horrible. I ordered medium porterhouse (550 gr) steak with great expectations. After about 20 mins, the steak came and hence begun my disappointment. It was thinly cut (no more than half an inch) and looks mutilated. I cut into the steak and it was overcooked, full of muscles which made it extremely tough. Biting into the SGD 89 steak was like chewing on raw leather, tough and tasteless. In the end, I could only finished half of the steak before my wrist were sore from all the cutting. This was the first time in my life I didn't finish my steak. I left telling the waiter that they should either replace the meat supplier, or the chef. Horrible steak. For that price, I could get a better professionally cooked porterhouse at Morton's. What a rip off!
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$260 for 2 pax
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