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Review for Bedrock Bar & Grill


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07 Feb 2011 • 258 Reviews • 12 Followers

Decent set lunch

Went to bedrock to try the set lunch. Starting with broccoli soup, which was pleasant and only a subtle broccoli flavour fortunately. Moving to the main I chose prawn with spaghetti (amended from prawn risotto due to my dairy allergy). The spaghetti was al dente and good flavours in this dish. Thumbs up. My partner had the gnocchi which was ok, but the cream sauce was a bit too heavy. Finally there was no dessert option for me without dairy (a slight disappointment as most places will offer fruit but here was only given a coffee option). Overall it seems quite good, and I can see why the positive reviews. Service is relatively slick and the food of a decent quality. The set lunch gives an initial tast of bedrock, but I'd like to come back for dinner and try the steak!
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$82 for 2 pax
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