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Six & Seven
 • 05 Apr 2012 68 reviews 4 followers
It had been a while since I last caught up with a dear friend. Wanting a snazzy place in town, yet without the raucous lunch hordes, we decided on Bedrock Bar & Grill. Located at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, right outside the Marché entrance of 313@Somerset, it was the perfect blend of convenience and exclusivity.

Walking through the bar entrance, it was as though we fell down Alice’s rabbit hole, albeit without the crazy freefall. The interior was wonderfully executed, rustic with some modern decadence, and with Americana music in the background, it felt almost like I was back in the U.S of A. Now, if only they could tint the restaurant windows further to block out the executive lunch zombies, which would complete the illusion.

It’s been too many times since I’ve had boring buns to start off the meal, so my interest definitely piqued with their freshly baked à la minute, naan-looking bread. While I was quite puzzled to if the thin parchment was a more economically setting, the ‘naan’ soon distracted me with its light dusting of flour and fluffy texture.

We decided on the Roasted bone marrow ($24) starter as my dining companion had never had bone marrow before. While I have enjoyed soup tulang before, this was an entirely different experience. Served like bamboo shoots cut down the middle. The marrow itself was jelly-like and had the consistency of fresh oysters in the mouth.

There was a very delicate smoky flavour to it, which herbs and spices unfortunately mute. The toasted bread pairing, however, really helped to accentuate the marrow’s buttery, smoky nature. If Bedrock starts selling this bottled up as a bread spread, I’d be the first in line to get it.

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