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 • 02 Jul 2012 52 reviews 1 follower
The Iberico Jamon was sooo small thinly sliced, it was hard to eat. So different from the first time we had it. The toast was also stale.

Service was terrible. Only a few waiters were nice but we were still having dinner when one junior looking waiter approached us and asked us if we were willing to swop seats(to bench seating.) to accommodate a new group of guests who wanted more space. Very, very unprofessional. Immediately lost appetite. He said it right in front of his guests. Trying to pressure us to give up the seats? We rejected outrightly. In the meantime, we received stares from the group and also amused looks from the wait staff. How nice. They were always in a hurry to wanna clear our plates. I can only assume by doing so, we can get lost earlier. The female server who was initially very aloof, was extremely friendly with this new group.

If they had been professional enough, they should have asked discreetly. Furthermore, how can they ask questions like this when we had called and specifically requested for the middles tables because previously we sat at the booth seats and it was too cramp for us.

By the way, there was also another table behind us but they did not approach them. We were watching. I refuse to think that its because they are caucasians.

Used to tell people this place is not bad. But from then on, forget it. The food is also nothing to shout about.


I spent $167 per person.

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